Working meeting at Public Ministry headquarters with prosecutors from Moldova focusing non-reimbursable foreign funds

A working meeting between Romanian and Moldovan prosecutors took place on Tuesday morning at the headquarters of the Public Ministry (MP) in Bucharest, with discussions focusing on the management of projects funded by non-reimbursable external grants.

The meeting was occasioned by the visit of representatives of the General Prosecutor’s Office from the Republic of Moldova, namely Eduard Bulat, chief-prosecutor of the Politics, Reforms and Project Management Section and prosecutor Gheorghe Bors, according to a press release on Wednesday of the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice.

Participating in the meeting on behalf of the Romanian authorities were prosecutor Nicoleta Stefanov and Lavinia Taranu, Cristina Petre, Adrian Gavrilescu, Alexandru Predescu, Razvan Maties and Rares Bonifate, public managers with the Project Management Unit (PMU).

“The purpose of this meeting was to present the manner in which the Project Management Unit is organized, with a view to exchanges of good practices in the management of projects funded by external grants. The PMU members from the Prosecutor’s Office with the High Court of Cassation and Justice in Romania had presentation that included the following aspects: the history and structure of the PMU, in order to highlight the manner in which this institution has evolved since its establishment and up to now; a project realized by the PMU and funded by the European Commission; important aspects related to project management and the main stages in drafting a project; the project assessment process and modalities of improving future activities; identification of risks and measures for mitigating such risks; identification of financing opportunities for projects funded by non-reimbursable European grants; presenting calls for projects that are currently open and for which Moldova is eligible, etc,” reads the abovementioned release.

The series of meetings will continue for the development of the management capacity of the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Moldova in managing non-reimbursable foreign funds.

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