DefMin Fifor: Romania could become regional hub for defense industry

Minister of National Defense Mihai Fifor told on Thursday a press conference in Cluj-Napoca that Romania could become a regional hub for the defense industry and provide military capabilities for the countries in the area.

“There is a parliamentary initiative for the Ministry of Defense to take over the defense industry subordinated to the Ministry of Economy. It is a legislative initiative submitted to the Senate (…) As a former minister of economy, I can tell you that there is a great interest for 2% allocated for defense to return to the national defense industry. Romania did not go shopping with budget money, Romania wants to invest in the defense industry so we can restart many of the capabilities of the defense industry, because the intention is for Romania to become a regional hub for the defense industry,” said Mihai Fifor.

In the context, he added that he had discussions with Croatian defense and economy ministers for Romania to provide the defense capabilities that the Croats buy.

Minister of National Defense Mihai Fifor had a meeting with the command of the “Gemina” 4th Infantry Division on Thursday, and then he visited the Military Hospital in Cluj-Napoca.


Romania paying close attention to Black Sea developments, wants subject on NATO Summit agenda


Minister of National Defence Mihai Fifor, speaking on Thursday on the occasion of a visit to the 4th “Gemina” Infantry Division, said that Romania is paying close attention to developments in the Black Sea region after Crimea’s illegal annexation by the Russian Federation and wants the subject to be entered on the agenda of the NATO Summit this summer.

“This is one of the visits of preparation of the NATO Summit this summer. (…) We are very particular that this highly important subject – the complex situation at the Black Sea the Romanian Army and Romania as a NATO ally needs to manage and successfully does so – be entered on the NATO Summit agenda,” Fifor told a press conference.

He added that Russia has been continuously strengthening in the Black Sea area after the annexation of Crimea.

“It’s no secret to anyone that after the illegal annexation of the Crimean peninsula in 2014 the Russian Federation has continuously strengthened [its forces] in this area. We are very attentive to all these developments because, through the capacities it develops, Romania has in this point the most important deterrence and protection role in case of need,” DefMin Fifor mentioned.

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