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January 21, 2022

The simple motion filed by PNL against the CultMin will be debated and voted next week

The Standing Bureau of the Deputies’ Chamber decided that the motion initiated by the National Liberal Party (PNL) against the Culture Minister George Ivascu will be debated on Tuesday in plenary session and will be subject to voting on Wednesday.

The motion was signed by 108 parliamentarians of the PNL groups, of the Save Romania Union (USR) and People’s Movement Party (PMP). The parliamentary group of the National Liberal Party in the Deputies’ Chamber, together with the parliamentary group of the People’s Movement Party and the parliamentary group of the Save Romania Union “appreciate that the situation of the Romanian cultural field only a few months before celebrating the Centenary of the Great Union of 1918 is serious”.

“This motion is about waking up the Culture Minister and the current government to reality in the last moment, to do something in order for Romanians to be able to celebrate the Centenary of the Great Union as appropriate. (…) In this context, the opposition’s deputies appreciate that a public debate on finding solutions to reconsider a national plan dedicated to the Centenary of the Great Union is necessary” reads the text.

The parliamentarian’s message for Ivascu is: “We are sad and worried to find that your well-known experience as a theater manager cannot be demonstrated in the Ministry’s activity, also”.

They added that the Culture Minister’s actions and statements showed “the incoherence of the government act” on the Centenary matter. Moreover, they complaint about the Ministry’s lack of transparency, the institutional blockage, the lack of dialogue with the Parliament and the lack of a development strategy.

The text of the motion reminded that Ivascu didn’t take into account any invitation to attend the discussions at the Culture Committee of the Deputies’ Chamber. “What did you do? You didn’t take into account that invitation (since February – e.n.) or other three previous requests”.

In the press conference held on Friday at the Victoria Palace, Minister Ivascu stated that he didn’t attend any meeting with the Committee’s members because he was busy with unblocking some important projects, such as the participation to the Leipzig Book Fair, but he said that each time, there was a representative of the MCIN (Ministry of Culture and national Identity – e.n.) to the hearings.

“We were shocked to find out, right from the website of the Ministry of Culture and National Identity, that the message of the Culture Minister was sent to Leipzig by the State Secretary Alexandru Oprean. O you didn’t come either to the Culture Committee of the Deputies’ Chamber, or to the Leipzig International Book Fair. You are characterized by ABSENCE, Minister!”.

The issue of cancelling the over 2,000 projects approved at the end of last year by the Minister of Culture of that time, Lucian Romascanu, is also mentioned, as well as the “postponement of the Centenary’s celebration until 2021”, referring to the draft Government’s Emergency Ordinance amending and completing the Government’s Ordinance no.5/2017 establishing certain organizational measures at the level of the central public administration on the Romania’s Centenary.

“It is regrettable that in the Year of the Centenary of the Great Union, the internal fights inside PSD and the frequent changes of the Culture Ministers and State Secretaries of the Centenary Department led to stopping the preparations of the country projects dedicated to the 100 years since the establishment of the modern unitary State”.

According to the text of the motion, “the current governors cannot make the difference between the Centenary Year and the Day of the Centenary of the Great Union”.

“It is unacceptable to put Romania to shame after 100 years! Nobody will forgive you for that! (…) Don’t dynamite the Centenary Year of the Great Union! Leave the theater for a moment! Meanwhile, you became a minister!”.

The authors of the motion have also a message for the PSD and ALDE parliamentarians: “We see that the Government knowingly ignores the strategic importance of the culture, as it is stated in any European country, and at the same time it forgets that the duty of any responsible Government is to improve the cultural system”.

The PNL, PMP and USR deputies who signed this motion show themselves “deeply” concerned regarding the Government’s inability to smoothly manage the feast of 1st of December.

“By this simple motion, we ask for the vote of non-confidence regarding the responsibility of the current Government related to the disaster in the Romanian culture in the year of celebrating the Centenary, and also to all that is related to the regress recorded in the whole system since SPD ad ALDE took the power”.



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