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September 21, 2020

Tudorel Toader on Sebastian Ghita’s request to have extradition suspended: He should turn to the Serbian court, not to the Justice Ministry. I didn’t see Ghita

The Justice Minister stated on Wednesday, referring to Sebastian Ghita’s request to have the extradition process suspended, that he will not comment on what “some people commented on TV,” pointing out that a defendant does not have direct dialogue with the Justice Minister. Tudorel Toader said he did not see Ghita.

“A defendant does not have direct dialogue with the Justice Minister, whoever he might be. He has an extradition procedure in Serbia and he must turn to the court in Serbia, not to the Romanian Justice Ministry. Don’t ask me now, here, to comment on what others commented on TV. The minister discusses officially, through official channels, through officially registered documents. Don’t ask me now to comment – I didn’t even see it last evening, I was on the road, I was coming – on what someone, I don’t know who, said on TV,” Tudorel Toader stated.

The Justice Minister pointed out he did not see Sebastian Ghita during his visit in Serbia.

“Out of the question (meeting Sebastian Ghita in Serbia – editor’s note). How would a Justice Minister meet someone who is in an extradition procedure? Some asked me whether he participates in the talks with the Justice Minister. It’s absolutely impossible. Not only we didn’t, but I didn’t even see him, just like you didn’t see him yesterday or the day before yesterday,” Toader added.

The minister’s reaction comes after ex-lawmaker Sebastian Ghita stated on Tuesday evening that he sent to the Justice Minister documents and proof that the evidence used by the DNA in the extradition request is false, pointing out that he hopes Tudorel Toader will ask that the extradition procedure be suspended.

“All the documents I’ve collected, with proof that the evidence used by the DNA in the extradition request is false and falsified, I’ve sent them to Mr Tudorel Toader and I hope that sooner rather than later he will ask that this extradition be suspended. (…) He can’t sign for Kovesi’s dismissal from office but use Mrs Kovesi’s false evidence. It’s nonsensical,” Sebastian Ghita stated for RomaniaTV.


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