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June 18, 2021

PNL and USR challenge judicial laws at CCR once again. Dragnea: Grouping of parties that support the deep state

On Thursday, the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Save Romania Union (USR) lodged with the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) another challenge against the judicial laws, PNL House lawmaker Gabriel Andronache pointing out that they have identified no less than 37 reasons for unconstitutionality.
“We have lodged with the General Secretariat of the Lower House the notifications on the re-examined regulations regarding the judicial laws. We have once again notified the CCR because, obviously, what the members of the parliamentary majority – namely the members of PSD-ALDE-UDMR – did during the re-examination procedure has nothing to do with what the CCR wrote in the three decisions. We have noticed no less than 37 reasons for unconstitutionality. We have invoked 22 reasons for unconstitutionality in the case of Law no.303/2004, nine such reasons in the case of Law no.317, and no less than six reasons for unconstitutionality in the case of Law no.304. Starting from issues that have to do with the way these regulations were adopted. Let me remind you, the reports came within the plenum of both the Lower House and the Senate, let me remind you that, on the day they were adopted, an amendment to Law no.303 was introduced within the Senate plenum, which the parliamentary majority called an amendment of technical-legislative correlation, which basically modified the definition of the judicial error,” PNL House lawmaker Gabriel Andronache stated.
He added that the amendments to the judicial laws are toxic.
“Inadmissible, in our view, for something like this to happen in the parliamentary procedure. At the same time, there are reasons concerning the content of these modifications and that continue to make the said regulations toxic for the Romanian judiciary. Consequently, we have great hopes that the regulations will once again be declared unconstitutional and will return to legislative procedure,” the Liberal said.


Dragnea on PNL and USR: Grouping of parties that support the deep state


PSD President Liviu Dragnea harshly criticised PNL and USR’s move to challenge the judicial laws at the Constitutional Court once again, stating that these political parties are backing the deep state and want the abuses to continue.
“The grouping of parties that support the deep state, the abuses continuing, the world of shadows, that we are all seeing today, continuing. We’re talking about a package of laws adopted through parliamentary procedure, attacked at the CCR, declared constitutional – with a few exceptions in the case of some articles –, now they will analyse again. This film, this despair, will end because they cannot block the functioning of democracy, the laws will end up before the President, if he wants to send them back to Parliament those laws will eventually come into force,” Liviu Dragnea stated on Thursday in Focsani.
“Abuses are surfacing every day and more and more people are gaining courage and what is happening right this day in certain institutions… what was brought to the surface in Ploiesti didn’t matter, those prosecutors are not bothered, but it didn’t matter that it seems the same practices are occurring in Bucharest,” Dragnea said.

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