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December 5, 2022

Romanian Academy, Romfilatelia conclude partnership to highlight national cultural and scientific values

The Romanian Academy and Romfilatelia concluded on Monday a partnership agreement on co-operation to highlight national cultural and scientific values and personalities. The partnership is based on long-standing collaboration between the two organisations, and it entails a set of common actions to harmonise Romanian Academy’s Greater Union Centennial programme with Romfilatelia’s 2018 stamp issue schedule.

Following agreements with the City Hall of Iasi, the Romanian Cultural Institute and the Ministry of Culture and National Identity, the agreement with Romfilatelia is part of the series of partnerships developed by the Romanian Academy in order to mobilise national institutional energies to take effective actions to celebrate the Greater Union Centennial.


Romfilatelia’s Popescu: Postage stamp, silent yet very much present ambassador


The postage stamp is a silent but very much present ambassador, and the stamp is alive, Director General of the Romfilatelia national postage stamp issuer Cristina Popescu told a signing ceremony on Monday of a partnership between Romfilatelia and the Romanian Academy.

“The postage stamp is a silent but very much present ambassador, and the stamp is alive. It tries to educate and mark events in 2018 and not only,” Popescu said at the event hosted by the Academic Club.

She announced that a project called “People, Facts and Values” developed by Romfilatelia, will continue in the years to come.

“Amidst electronic communications becoming more interesting to young people, the postal service, however, carries out its activities and it is in the public eye for the transmission of messages, which is proved by everything we do. We will try to establish projects and find agreement over issues that we will be making together this year. We will have the second part of the issue called ‘The Makers of the Greater,’ there will be more issues in November, before the December 1 [Greater Union Day] dedicated to the Greater Union Centennial. We also work very well with the Academy Library, and I want to thank you again for the documentary support for the General Berthelot stamp issue to be made jointly with the French Post Office as part of the Romania-France Cultural Season; the list is quite large for the year 2018,” Popescu concluded.

In his turn, Chairman of the Romanian Academy Cristian Hera said the partnership with Romfilatelia “has always existed.”

“I must confess that we have been waiting for this moment of signing a co-operation agreement with Romfilatelia for a long time, because, in fact, this collaboration exists, and I could say that is has existed like forever. This year, the year of the Greater Union Centennial, when we celebrate 100 years since the astral year 1918, we have already had some joint events with Romfilatelia, and we have agreed to permanently formalise this link,” said Hera.

Also attending the event was Razvan Theodorescu, chairman of the Romanian Academy’s Arts, Architecture and Audiovisual Section, who said that “Romfilatelia is an institution that oftentimes provides the culture of image.”


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