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April 11, 2021

Romanian Gendermerie celebrates 168th anniversary. IntMin Dan: Important component of MAI, an institution Romania can rely on. PM Dancila: Romania needs powerful institutions such as Gendarmerie

The Gendarmerie remains an important part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI), an institution Romania can rely on in difficult situations, Interior Minister Carmen Dan said on Tuesday at a ceremony marking the 168th anniversary of the Romanian Gendarmerie.

The minister decorated the flag of the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Gendarmerie.

“I am happy and proud to attend the anniversary of the Gendarmerie Day, all the more so since we have witnessed today one of the most important moments in the life of any military unit: the decoration of the battle flag. Despite older or more recent challenges, the Gendarmerie remains an important component of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, an institution that we can rely on in the most difficult situations. This confidence is reinforced by the fact that the Romanian Gendarmerie employs professionals, service people in defence of democracy and the rule of law, people who have always done their duty to the Romanians and to the country, “said Dan.

She mentioned the interventions of late of gendarmes in several areas of the country affected by inclement weather.

“Not long ago, we all saw the gendarmes intervening to protect people and savage communities affected by snow, floods or landslides. Even as we speak, many of your colleagues are where people need help, working alongside them, along firefighters, local authorities, to strengthen the levees and eliminate the risk of flooding. This community support component has strengthened the image of a responsible and effective branch, ready to take on new responsibilities and missions at any time’ added Dan.

She stressed that in the area of public order, the Romanian Gendarmerie demonstrates that it knows how to manage sensitive situations “with tact and intelligence” and “observing the fundamental rights and liberties of the citizens.”

“This institution has resisted in time because it was with the people and served the public interest. That is what it is doing now, and it does it well,” Dan said.

The interior minister also highlighted the participation of the Gendarmerie in recent years in numerous international missions, theatres of war or conflict zones.

“I have all the gratitude for the gendarmes-men and women in uniform, the service people now leading forward a 168-year-old institutional tradition. You are the ones who have changed this branch and those who will carry on its fundamental values, those that represent the motto of the Romanian Gendarmerie – Law and Order! Romania will always need defenders of law and order! I cannot conclude without thanking you and your families because they always support you, understanding better than anyone the sacrifices you have to make to be everywhere where the Romanians need you. Happy Gendarmerie Day and long live the Romanian Gendarmerie!,” said Dan.


PM Dancila says Romania needs powerful institutions such as Gendarmerie


Police and Gendarmerie are two important pillars of the national system of public order and security and Romania needs a strong institution such as the Gendarmerie, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila said on Tuesday at a decoration ceremony of the Battle Flag of the Romanian Gendarmerie, which took place at the Nation Heroes Monument of the Carol Park.

“I wanted to be present at this event making 168 years of institutional existence of the Romanian Gendarmerie, as a sign of appreciation for this military branch, and especially for the people that serve it. The Police and Gendarmerie are two important pillars of the national system of public order and security. I attended the activity report meeting of the Romanian Police in 2017 and I believed it is normal for me to come to you, all the more so since it is a festive moment of institutional achievement, and also a human one. I say human because I have seen the pride of gendarmes when talking about the institution they are part of and, implicitly, the service branch day and it is their day too,” the PM said.

She stressed that the Gendarmerie has repeatedly demonstrated that it is capable of managing difficult and diverse challenges.

“I mean here both the domestic, national and external plan. Romanian gendarmes are commended by international forums for acting and fulfilling their mandate in missions in theatres of operations. (…) I understand the sacrifice you make daily to make people feel safe. You take on this when choosing your career. I do not want to limit the area of your activities to certain types of missions, because they are all important. As long as the community is safe and the people in need are rescued in time, you, the representatives of the state authority, have achieved your priority objective. I want you to remain the same defenders of the law, democracy and the values of the rule of law. Romania needs a strong institution, such as the Gendarmerie,” Dancila said.

The PM mentioned that, along with Interior Minister Carmen Dan, she identified solutions to solve urgent problems facing the Gendarmerie.

“The beneficial effects of these demarches will be felt in the upcoming period and I am convinced that they will substantially contribute to the improvement of the work conditions and, implicitly, to the efficiency of the actions you carry out. Ladies and gentlemen, let me congratulate you on the occasion of the Romanian Gendarmerie Day!” Dancila added.

At the ceremony, the PM presented, on behalf of the Government, an anniversary Gendarmerie Day plaque. Also attending the ceremony were Interior Minister Carmen Dan, Deputy PM Viorel Stefan, officials with the Interior Ministry and Romanian Gendarmerie, several attaché of foreign embassies in Bucharest.

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