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June 27, 2022

Ponta: What Romania borrows and Dragnea Gov’ts squander totals the sum that Basescu borrowed from IMF. We’re cursed

The money that Romania has borrowed and the Dragnea Governments has squandered totals the sum that Basescu borrowed from the IMF in 2010, ex-Premier Victor Pointa claims in a Facebook posting.

“Did you ever wonder how we will pay back the money? Will we sell the Belina Lake, the Teldrum company, the houses in Brazil, Teleorman or Sinaia, the hunting grounds? I don’t think so – unfortunately! We will pay the money back from our pockets, because it is not invested in something productive, but only in buying off party bosses and journalists for them to prop up the System of Power of the “Group from Teleorman”! We are kept hostage before the TV set with all kinds of stories about the PAST (today, Prosecutor General ‘Uncle Gusti’ Lazar woke up to investigate the events of the Revolution). What happened 30, 20, 10 years ago. Meanwhile, we are not allowed and cannot talk about the PRESENT – how the country is being governed, how we are lied to with boundless nerve about investments done solely on paper, about European grants that are absorbed only in the TV shows bought off by some minister, about salaries and pensions that rise in high-flown speeches and drop due to inflation and the rise of all prices,” Ponta wrote on his Facebook page on Monday.

The leader of the Pro Romania Party considers that one must also talk about the future. “And we are especially not allowed to talk about the FUTURE – when we will have to pay back all the money borrowed now to cover up the stupidity and demagoguery of those who govern us. A skilled person recently presented me a mathematical calculus which shows that the money that Romania borrowed and that the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dragnea Governments squandered on useless nonsense in 2017-2018 already totals the sum that Basescu borrowed from the IMF in 2010! Are we really cursed to repeat all the tragedies of the past or do we really deserve our fate?” the ex-Premier added.

Ponta’s reaction comes after information according to which the Finance Ministry (MFP) plans to borrow approximately RON 3.82 billion from commercial banks in April 2018, of which RON 3.4 billion through tenders for government bonds and treasury certificates and RON 420 million through supplementary sessions for non-competitive bids, related to tenders for government bonds. The sums will be used to refinance the public debt and to finance the budget deficit. According to the issuance plans, the MFP has scheduled a tender on April 16, for one-year discount government bonds worth RON 600 million.


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