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May 24, 2022

In 20 years of activity, Vodafone Romania Foundation has invested almost EUR 17 million in the health field and more than EUR 11 million in education

In 20 years of activity, Vodafone Romania Foundation has invested almost EUR 17 million in initiatives developed at national level in health, and more than EUR 11 million in the educational field, the programs financed in the two fields having significant components of social services and volunteering.

Since it was founded until today, the Vodafone Romania Foundation has been supporting complex programs in the health field, including the building of the Newborn Intensive Care Unit of the Marie Curie Hospital from Bucharest, the most modern in the Southeastern Europe, representing an investment of around EUR 1.8 million. Other departments of the hospital have been also renovated or equipped with modern appliances. The Foundation has been also involved in the endowment of the Emergency Care Unit, the Newborn Intensive Care Department and the Cardiology Department of the Pediatric Section of the Emergency Clinical Hospital for Children Grigore Alexandrescu; the total financing amounted around EUR 400,000. Following the model of the Marie Curie project, the modernization works of the Newborn Intensive Care Unit of the Constanta County Clinical Hospital have been started in 2017. Here, a telemedicine solution will be implemented, allowing the secured transmission of medical images and parameters in real time and the remote monitoring of the patients’ vital signs. It will be the tenth telemedicine solution made by the Vodafone Romania Foundation; the first one was implemented on the SMURD ambulances in 2005, being a premiere for Romania.

“In the 20 years of activity, we had a lot of premieres, we supported innovative projects and daring initiatives, succeeding to involve a larger and larger number of partner organizations and volunteers across the country. Thus, over the time, our desire to do good things turned into a normality of each day. In many projects developed by us, we had technology on our side, and we are using its force to change lives of the people in the communities across the country. Connecting for Good is the best example, a program that makes technology available to children and adults affected by serious diseases, or to people living in isolated rural areas, to those with diabetes, hearing or visual impairment, and not only to them” stated the Vodafone Romania Foundation Manager Angela Galeta.

One of the programs with a national impact is the renovation and modernization program of the donor’s route in the 42 blood transfusion centers from Bucharest and the counties of the country. The foundation’s investment amounts to approximately EUR 1 million; the program will be finalized this year. As a result of the program, the blood transfusion centers in Romania registered a decrease of the average age of the donors at national level in 2016, for the first time after 1989. The Doctors’ Caravan is another initiative carried out at national level, annually supported by the foundation starting from 2016. Under this project, teams of 25 to 30 physicians and medical students are going monthly to the villages across the country to investigate and treat people who don’t have access to proper medical analyzes and services. Thanks to the concept that allows doctors to go to the isolated areas, last year the caravan’s teams reached 1,000 patients in 12 counties to offer them free specialized consultations.

The caravan’s concept is found in many projects developed in the 20 years. Zana Merciluta (the Merciluta Fairy – e.n.), for instance, is the first mobile dental office in Romania offering free services for children from disadvantaged families. Only in 2017, more than 600 children from families representing social cases have benefitted from such services.

In the educational field, the Vodafone Romania Foundation is supporting the “Fii pregatit!” (“Be Ready!” – e.n.) SMURD Caravan, the mobile training center for population preparing them for emergency situations. The project, which had over 20,000 beneficiaries so far, was developed under the partnership with the Foundation for SMURD, launched in 2005. Also in the educational field, the foundation carries out the national strategic program Investitie in Mediul Rural (Investment in the Rural Areas – e.n.), aiming to provide access to education to all the children, regardless of the environment from which they come. Through this program that was launched in 2015, the foundation made total investments of more than EUR 1.3 million. Hundreds of scholarships have been awarded to the pupils in the rural areas, and today, 13 “School after School” social centers are being supported, whose beneficiaries are 500 children in the rural communities who are at risk of school dropout.

Volunteering is another strategic involvement direction of the Vodafone Romania Foundation, along with health, education and social services. Since 2015, the foundation monthly organizes at least two volunteering events for the Vodafone Romania employees. Last year, more than 4,000 volunteers have been involved in the events organized by the Vodafone Romania Foundation and in the programs supported by the foundation through the partnerships concluded with non-governmental organizations across the country.

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