Official statistics: Rail freight transport grows 6.6pct, while road transport increases 4.7pct in 2017

Rail freight transport grew by 6.6% last year to 56.08 million tonnes, while road transport increased by 4.7% to 226.3 million tons, according to data centralized by the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

Of the total goods transported by rail, 78.9% had an internal destination, and 76.9% of those shipped by road transport had an internal destination.

Carried by plane were 45,000 tons of cargo, up 12.2% from 2016, of which 97.3% on international flights.

In maritime transport 46.126 million tons were recorded, of which 46.070 million tons with international destination. Compared to the previous year, the total volume decreased by 0.3%.

Goods carried by inland waterways in 2017 totaled 29.043 million tons, of which 50.4% were in national transport. The volume of freight transported decreased by 4.7% compared to the previous year, while the goods itinerary was down by 4.8%.

A volume of 6.551 million tons of products were transported through oil pipelines.

In 2017, in the national road transport, 64.1% of the freight volume was transported between 1 and 49 km, 19.8% between 50 and 149 km and 14.1% between 150 and 499 km.

In the road transport, the freight divisions with the highest weight in the total goods transported were: metal ores and other mining and quarrying products; peat; uranium and thorium (27.5%) and other non-metallic mineral products (17.1%).

In the railway transport, significant shares in the total goods transported were recorded in the coal and lignite divisions; crude oil and natural gas (33.0%) and coke, refined petroleum products (28.6%), and in the maritime sector, in agricultural, hunting and forestry divisions; fish and other fishery products (35.1%) and coal and lignite; crude oil and natural gas (20.2%).

In national waterway transport, 59.3% of the volume of cargo was transported over distances between 150-299 km. Major shares in the total of goods transported were recorded in the metal ores and other mining and quarrying divisions; peat; uranium and thorium (47.1%) and agricultural, hunting and forestry products; fish and other fishery products (28.7%).

Last year, in the road freight transport, 53.4% of the total freight was carried nationwide, and 53.1% of the total goods were registered in international transport (including transport among third countries and coasting).

In international road freight transport, 94.5% of the total goods came from European Union member states, and 93.3% of all loaded goods were destined to EU member states. The largest volumes of goods came from Germany (23.6%), Hungary (14.5%) and Italy (12.7%), and in terms of shipping, 21.4% of the goods volume had as destination Germany, 16.2% Hungary and 14.1% Italy.

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