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February 17, 2020

Dragnea announces the parliamentary priorities of the Social Democrats: The Criminal Codes, the National Security Laws, the referendum on the family definition. The Defamation Law is at an early stage. PM to present small Gov’t activity report at PSD’s CExN meeting next week

The Social Democrat Party (PSD) Chairman Liviu Dragnea presented on Tuesday the legislative priorities of the Social Democrats, aimed at amending the Criminal Codes, drafting the new National Security Laws and organizing the referendum on the family definition. Regarding the Defamation Law, Dragnea said that it is at an early stage and it’s not a priority right now, but he doesn’t waive it.

“No later than next week, debates will begin in the specialized committee on the Criminal Codes. I hope at least on our side, the colleagues who have been designated on the National Security Laws will present the objectives of the committee in question, in order for us to form a joint Standing Bureau and a joint plenum with the approval of the committee, and we have to carefully look at the committee’s objectives, since this committee will also be challenged at the Constitutional Court for sure, and no mistakes should occur anymore. And also the other laws we have discussed so many times since the beginning of the session” Dragnea stated about the PSD’s priorities.

Asked if he supports the setting of a value threshold for the abuse of office, Liviu Dragnea replied: “However, if the threshold will be set, it must not be very high. But I don’t think that the abuse of office is the most important”.

He mentioned that the principles from the European directive on the presumption of innocence must be transposed into the legislation. “Because you cannot take a set of principles, translate them into Romanian, and say you have a law. Principles are also now, and although we have all these principles, we see secret protocols being revealed, all the kind of abuses inside this system. And these principles must be transposed into normative acts, especially in the codes, so that every Romanian citizen will have the guarantee that he benefits from the presumption of innocence, no longer being forced to prove his innocence, that any doubt is in the benefit of the accused person, the prosecutor must be the one who brings evidence, that the court decisions are based on evidence which is beyond any doubt, as it is in any democratic country” the PSD Chairman added.

On the other hand, Dragnea said that the Defamation Law is “at an early stage”.

“Right now, at least at this moment, this law is not a priority. I don’t give up this principle, because look at what is happening everywhere, not only in Europe, but also in the democratic countries around the world. Every citizen loves his country, every citizen wants his country to be respected, every citizen wants his country to grow, and I don’t think that the citizens of a country are very glad when there are officials of the state in question or public servants of the state in question who bring disservices to the country that pays and launches them, circulating all the kind of lies about their country. I don’t have, nobody has a draft law of this kind so far. I received a minimum analysis of the laws on this issue from some colleagues in Brussels. In every country there are specific laws, some countries have a very tough legislation, others don’t have such a though legislation, but they have some provisions, and I believe that after we will sit for a while, we must start a serious debate, to see if and how we will adopt such a law” Liviu Dragnea stated.

The PSD leader mentioned that he also talked with his colleagues in the parliamentary groups about the referendum on amending the Constitution.

“This is an issue we strongly support, and I hope this referendum will be organized this spring. (…) We support this amendment of the Constitution, namely the family is the marriage between a man and a woman” Dragnea underlined.


PM to present small Gov’t activity report at PSD’s CExN meeting next week, says PSD’s Dragnea


Prime Minister Viorica Dancila is set to present a small activity report of the Government at the National Executive Committee (CExN) meeting of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) next week, leader of the PSD Liviu Dragnea announced on Tuesday.

When asked in Parliament if there is going to take place any assessment of the Government at the Executive Committee meeting, Dragnea said: “There will be a presentation held by the Prime Minister, an analysis, a small activity report.”

He also added that there will be no reshuffle in the next interval.

Asked whether he was pleased with the activity of all ministers, the PSD leader said: “I am pleased with the Prime Minister’s activity.” He also specified that the governing programme is being implemented.

In another train of thoughts, he denied having any dispute with Defence Minister Mihai Fifor, following a statement he made, saying that he is in fact pleased with this Minister’s activity.

“I didn’t have any dispute with Mihai Fifor. I can make any kind of statements, since I am still a free person and I can do such statements. If someone feels hurt by some of my statements, then, very well, he can interpret them, he can get upset and he can worry. But I don’t have any conflicts with anybody,” mentioned Dragnea.


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