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September 27, 2020

The ideal political party. How should it be like?

What is the political doctrine that could be closer to and could cover as widely and profoundly as possible the whole range of social, intellectual, ethnic, cultural, religious ideals… in a word the human ideals of a society that makes up a state and a people?

History shows that anything pertaining to an ideal, especially a political ideal, eventually becomes a utopia. And, as any utopia, it tends to overturn and annihilate the entire system of principles that initially defined it.

And, in the case of any political party (just like in the case of any political system), this utopia invariably and inevitably appears sooner or later.

It is practically proven that, once it takes over power and stays there for a long period, any party undergoes an irreversible deprivation and antagonization of strength, image, confidence, and leadership. Symptoms that erode the said political party both from the inside and especially from the outside, eventually pushing it at the periphery of the political stage. Or, simply causing it to shrink and disappear from the area of electoral preferences and, implicitly, of power.

For some time now, we have been witnessing precisely this phenomenon when it comes to most parties that have succeeded each other on the Romanian political stage in the last 30 years.

And, among all of them, the now-ruling PSD, the party that proved to be the longest-living one and capable of regenerating its forces and cyclically reconquering its position during more than two decades of political erosions and sifting, fully exhibits the acute syndrome of the utopia I talked about earlier. Despite its almost total domination, at this moment PSD finds itself in a process of decline.

However, PSD’s case is not completely isolated or new. Take a careful look at what has already happened to PNTCD, PNL, PDL, UNPR etc.

It is an obvious fact that Romania needs, now more than ever, a restart of the entire system of parties and of the entire political class that rose and held power and control in the last three decades.

Times have changed, and they continue to change at a fast pace. And access to the huge flow of information and to new worlds and global social, economic, cultural, and political paradigms permanently causes a readjustment and a reformatting of the whole national mentality regarding the way politics should be done in Romania TOO. And especially regarding the way a political class – perfectly adapted and in tune with the modern trends along whose lines the world we are living in is evolving – should look like.

As one might say, new political people, visions, parties, and systems for new times.

Recently, several new acronyms have timidly appeared on the horizon of the tumultuous Romanian politics: RO+ (MRI).

On April 2, the Romania Together Movement (MRI) finally took the first step forward on the long and rough road of national politics.

What we were able to find out along with this debut (that was long waited and speculated) is that Dacian Ciolos, the avatar and the de facto leader of this movement and implicitly of the party flowing from it, has eventually managed to decide to officially become a politician.

One cannot say that the recent ambiguity of Dacian Ciolos’s position and true political intentions brought or will bring him any electoral bonus or hue of “player of grand class” in the eyes of Romanians and in the future political confrontations and disputes that lie ahead. Not even some special affinity with any of his political predecessors who wear such a label!

After an “active president” and an “observer president,” and after the omnipresent and all-powerful manifestation of another great party leader defined exclusively by an obsessive and obvious will to manipulate the impressions of the public opinion through all kinds of political games and diversions, the delaying tactic and the tactic of positioning oneself in politically foggy and ambiguous areas places Dacian Ciolos from the start in a position of hesitation and volatility that does not really bring any added value (RO+) to his image and to the image of the freshly established movement-party.

Yes, Romanians want different kinds of politicians and political parties.

But Romanians no longer want solely beautiful images, exhilarating words, populist programmes and vain promises, all well and colourfully wrapped up in the image of a new political leader. A man who, until recently, was very hesitant and undecided in what concerns the doctrinaire line he was set to adopt and represent in politics or… apolitics.

Consequently, what we do not know yet about Dacian Ciolos the politician is whether he has decided to ALSO become a national political leader. The one who would manage to make that notable difference between what Romanians want, and the Romanian state really needs, and what already exists on the political market of parties, leaders and especially political leadership.

Words can be beautiful. Maybe intentions may also be good in the world of politics. But, from the bitter experience of many years, Romanians have understood that all these decorations and trimmings that suffocate the political discourse keep no one fed, nor do they cover the daily realities of each of us and of the state in which we are living.

Dacian Ciolos’s political debut message centres on the great humanist idea of unity in diversity. Dacian Ciolos promises a new political system for Romanians. One of unionist-humanist-conservative origin (centre) with a lot of populist hues (left-wing), but also with a strong expression of neoliberalism (right-wing). A new Romanian world in which terms such as “together,” “we succeed,” “we gather,” “we win,” suggest that common, unitary, and indestructible ideal meant to bring Romania to haven forever and, potentially and desirably, to rethink and reform from the ground up the entire national political and statehood paradigm. Regardless of whether we are talking about left-wing, right-wing, centre or about any other political and social dimension.

In fact, Dacian Ciolos expressly pointed out that he does not value political dogmas and ideas the likes of “left-wing – right-wing.” In his vision, at least at conceptual level, the whole of politics boils down (or should boil down) to the MAN and everything pertaining to it.

“Romania is the state of all its citizens, and of those who choose to live on its territory. Consequently, in its political structures, their interests and they need proportional representation, as women and men, from an ethnic and territorial standpoint and based on other criteria considered relevant in what concerns political representation and participation.”

In a targeted and minimal translation, Dacian Ciolos thus pretends to be that political leader whose messianic mission, not at all lacking in dangers and not at all easy, becomes a personal credo and probably a new national trajectory for a long-patient people thirsty for politicians and leaders. A leader that would be able to take over the burden of an exhausting national fight and the colossal cross of a people that has been feeling – for far too long – cheated, disappointed, and abandoned by the entire political class that has kept passing at the helm of the country in the meantime.

Consequently, the RO+(MRI) Manifesto touches upon areas and issues that are presently extremely delicate and essential in Romania. Notions such as freedom of protest and expression, ensuring a liberal market with the right to free and fair competition, simplifying the state’s entire bureaucracy, guaranteeing an independent judiciary autonomous from any political aspect, justice correctly exercised for all the citizens of the Romanian state, the urgent eradication of high-level corruption, proportional representation, the observance of fundamental criteria and rights that concern non-discrimination and social, ethnic, religious, sexual tolerance etc., these are only some of the topics postulated in this programme-manifesto.

Hence, while the populism and oligarchic domination of the PSD-ALDE coalition is singing its swansong, the humanist, centrist, cohesive and unifying RO+ (MRI) is trying to grow rapidly and to become in just a year sufficiently strong and important so as to be able to become a veritable Prince Charming that would not only fight but also defeat the Ogre – the current system.

Everything that I, for one, keep hoping from a politician and from another party (just like, I believe, most Romanians who have still kept that naivete to believe that, nevertheless, a shadow of truth and good intentions toward people can still exist in politics) is that Dacian Ciolos – RO+(MRI) would not become another Nicusor Dan – USB-USR, or just another conjunctural niche political algorithm the likes of MRI+PNL+PMP+USR+…= The Same Romania!

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