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July 2, 2022

Edvin Marton’s concert in Bucharest, closer and closer. The musician will play a Stradivarius violin valued at USD 7 million

There are only a few days until the concert to be performed by Edvin Marton at the Palace Hall in Bucharest. “Stradivarius Concert Show” will include the performances of some of the most applauded musical themes, such as Tosca Fantasy, Godfather or Love In Venice, as well as songs from his new album, which will be offered to the audience for the first time in the world. At the concert of Friday, April 20, the beloved violinist and composer will play a Stradivarius violin valued at USD 7 million, according to a press release sent to the editorship. Marton will perform along with the Bucharest Metropolitan Orchestra, under the baton of conductor Daniel Jinga.

The history of the Stradivarius violin used by Edvin Marton is impressive. According to the original label, the violin was made in 1699. It is a perfect example of the “long pattern” instruments produced by Antonio Stradivari between 1690 and 1700. The perfection of the craftsmanship and the stylish elegance of these violins is highlighted in the Ex Auer case by the choice made in terms of wood. Its natural pattern, combined with the ruby-colored polish,   emphasizes its beauty and perfect lines.

The history of this instrument was noted in a document written by the Parisian luthiers Maucotel and Deschamp, on January 24, 1939. Over the time, the violin had several owners: from a certain Mayer, who is believed to have worked as a banker in Stockholm, to a very rich hobbyist – Alferaky from Odessa, who was totally dedicated to music and composed two operas, concerts for violin, and other works. Around 1890, Alferaky sold the violin to the composer Leopold von Auer, a teacher at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. From Auer, the violin belonged for a while, namely until 1906, to one of is students, Nikolay Galkin. Around 1930, Alexis Andreef bought the instrument from Auer, who at that time was living in America. Later, violinist Andreef, who was the director of the Serge Rachmaninoff Conservatory from Paris, sold the instrument to the luthiers Maucotel and Deschamp, who made a certificate and a brief history of the instrument on January 24, 1930. At the luthiers’ request, Hill & Sons of London issued a new certificate on February 11, 1939. In 1950, the instrument that belonged to Auer came to the hand of violinist Charles Enel, who issued, in his turn, a certificate of authenticity, and later he sold it to Joseph Benvenuti. After his death in 1967, the Ex Auer violin was inherited by his wife Diane Benvenuti. Diane started to borrow the violin to young musicians, including composer Jean Jacques Kantorow. On December 14, 1984, Kantorow finally succeeded to buy the violin against 800,000 francs. In 2014, the instrument was sold by Violin Assets GmbH to a German private hobbyist who prefers to remain unknown. Today, the instrument is used by musician Edvin Marton.

Edvin Marton promises a memorable concert along with his guests. The last tickets can still be purchased from the Palace Hall’s ticket office and online at www.eventim.rowww.bilet.ro, www.startickets.ro, www.blt.ro, www.mystage.ro, www.bilete.ro, www.entertix.ro and www.ticketnet.ro

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