National Bank: FDI, down 3.17 percent, in first two months of year

The foreign direct investments dropped by 3.17 percent in the first two months of this year, as compared to the same period in 2017, to 794 million euro, according to data released on Friday by the National Bank of Romania (BNR).

“The direct investments of non-residents in Romania totaled 794 million billion euro (as against 820 million euro between January and February 2017), of which equity participations (including the estimated reinvested net profit) amounted to 592 million euro, and intragroup loans registered the net value of 202 million euro,” reads the document.

According to the National Trade Register Office (ONRC), the number of start-ups running on foreign capital in Romania established in the first two months of this year increased 6.3 percent as compared to the same interval of last year to 848 units.

The total value of the share capital of the 848 start-ups stood at 3.59 million US dollars, down 57.9 percent as compared to January-February 2017.

As many as 5,837 such start-ups were set up in Romania, by 9.1 percent over the 2016 level, which witnessed the smallest number of start-ups established in Romania on foreign capital in 18 years.

In 1991 – 2017, as many as 215,651 companies were established in Romania on foreign capital contributions, with a total value of the paid-up share capital in excess of 61.3 billion euro.

Out of the 215,651 companies, 45,542 run on Italian capital, but the highest share capital value is reported by Dutch companies, 12.2 billion euro in about 5,112 companies.

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