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June 18, 2021

Hundreds of people celebrate reopening of Japanese Garden in Herastrau Park

Hundreds of people celebrated on Saturday the reopening of the Japanese Garden in Herastrau Park by having picnics and taking photos of the blossoming cherries, an event that was also attended by Japanese Ambassador in Bucharest Kisaburo Ishii.

He officially opened the garden where Bucharest citizens came alongside their loved ones, with blankets and food to have a full-on picnic.

The Japanese Ambassador stated that he would like to thank all those who collaborated for the renewal of this garden and, firstly, to the Bucharest City Hall and the Bucharest Lakes, Parks and Recreations Administration, as well as to Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport that granted a budget in this regard.

He explained that in Japan there is the traditional custom for people to gather under the blossoming cherry trees to eat, drink and feel good together.

He invited the public to enjoy and use this garden in a good way from now on.

Those present were served with Japanese sweets and green tea. They could witness a demonstration of the tee ceremony. Among the blossomed cherries, speakers were brought in order to recreate through music an ambiance that resembles the one in Japan.

Many of those present brought food, beverages and blankets from home and recreated in Bucharest the “hanami” idea – a custom brought to mind by Ambassador Ishii, which brings together people during the cherries blooming period.

Groups of youngsters put on small guitar performances, while the parents and grandparents took photos of their children among the pink cherry flowers. Moreover, the small pond in the newly opened Japanese garden was the focus point for the little ones who washed their hands in the water or played by the waterside.

Built two decades ago with the support of the Japan World Exposition Commemorative Fund, the Japanese Garden in Herastrau Park was rebuilt in November 2017 at the initiative of the Japanese Embassy to Romania, in partnership with the Bucharest City Hall, through the Bucharest Lakes, Parks and Recreations Administration, the “Ion Mincu” National Architecture University and the JTI, together with Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

The garden’s restoration works have been carried out by a team of Japanese specialists under the leadership of Takuhiro Yamada, the representative of the Landscape Architectural Association in Kyoto and a specialist with an extensive experience in the area.

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