ANAF Chief Ionut Misa and Liviu Dragnea discuss single financial statement

Following a one-hour meeting he had on Tuesday with House Speaker Liviu Dragnea in the latter’s office at the Palace of Parliament, Romanian Tax Authority (ANAF) Chief Ionut Misa stated that they discussed the technical aspects related to the single financial statement.

“We discussed strictly technical aspects concerning the single financial statement, for example, (…) so that it would function better, and we wouldn’t have any kind of problems,” Ionut Misa stated.

Asked what changes were decided in what concerns the single form, he said: “In what concerns the single form, as you know that’s a decision that the minister takes through the Directorate for Legislation. ANAF must enforce all these decisions and this form, and make sure that there are no problems in what concerns the functionality, the statements, the number of taxpayers.”

The final variant of the single statement has been finalised and the form that will allow online payments will appear on May 16, Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici stated at the end of March.

The single financial statement, which will merge seven financial statements, including Form 600, will simplify procedures in the case of natural persons that pay income tax, national insurance contributions and healthcare contributions.

“The statement is now in its final variant. This week we will post it on the websites of all public institutions. The online form will appear on May 16,” Teodorovici stated for Antena3.

The minister said that, by the end of the year, the Tax Authority wants to come up with a mobile app for the payment of contributions.

Teodorovici underscored that the single financial statement brings no new additions in what concerns the number and the quantum of the taxes.

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