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June 26, 2022

Andra, Smiley, Alexandru Tomescu, Marius Manole and Zoli Toth, on the stage of the Athenaeum at the sixth edition of Hope Concert

Along with them, Irina Iordachescu, The Mono Jacks, pianist Andrei Licaret and the Violoncellisimo Ensemble will also perform for the vulnerable children supported by Hope and Homes for Children


On Sunday, April 22, the Romanian Athenaeum will host the sixth edition of Hope Concert, the cultural and social responsibility annual event organized by Hope and Homes for Children, supporting vulnerable children in the programs conducted in Romania. Important artists will participate in this year’s concert, which marks the 20th anniversary of the Foundation’s activity in Romania, bringing classical music, theater and pop and rock rhythms on the Athenaeum’s stage, in an original joining. Andra, Smiley, violinist Alexandru Tomescu (photo), who is a Hope and Homes for Children Ambassador, soprano Irina Iordachescu, Zoli TOTH Project and The Mono Jacks band will sing along with the Violoncellisimo Ensemble led by Master Marin Cazacu. Pianist Andrei Licaret ad actor Marius Manole, also a Hope and Homes for Children Ambassador, prepared an impressive artistic moment. The hosts of the evening will be Amalia Enache – PRO TV journalist and Hope and Homes for Children in 2010, and Dragos Bucurenci – the Development Manager of the Foudnation.

Andra participates for the second time in the Hope Concert, after she played the song “Iubirea schimba tot” last year on the Athenaeum’s stage, accompanied by the Violoncellisimo Ensemble. In December 2017, she held the extraordinary carol concert Andra for Hope, also at the Romanian Athenaeum, to support the children enrolled in the program for preventing the separation of the child from his family, conducted by Hope and Homes for Children.

Smiley will play one of his songs dedicated to family and love, “Acasa”, accompanied for the first time by the cello orchestra in an orchestra arrangement especially made by composer Andrei Tudor for this event.

Violinist Alexandru Tomescu is a Hope and Homes for Children Ambassador since 2012, and he dedicated many of his concerts to the Foundation, being one of the artists who are present in most of the Hope Concert editions. Soprano Irina Iordachescu, first soloist of the Bucharest National Opera, choose to participate for the third time because she believes that all children “need support, affection, confidence and harmony, they need to dream and to be sure that dreams can come true”.

Actor Marius Manole, also an Ambassador of Hope and Homes for Children, participates for the third time in the Hope Concert; for this edition, he prepared an original artistic moment, together with pianist Andrei Licaret.

Zoli Toth is an old supporter of Hope and Homes for Children and this year he will bring the unconventional music on the stage of the Romanian Athenaeum for the second time, along with his colleagues of the Zoli TOTH Project. One of the most known and beloved rock songs of the Mono Jacks band, “1000 de da”, will sound in the Romanian Athenaeum’s hall in a new version, interpreted by Doru Trascau, the founder of the band, along with the voices of dozens of children from the “Cor cu Dor” ensemble led by Teodora Jaworski.

Mark Cook, who set up the Foundation together with his wife in 1994, in UK, by ambassadors, representatives of numerous companies, celebrities and other personalities who choose to show this way their support for the programs conducted by the Foundation and for the children in these programs, will be present to Hope Concert 2018.

Hope and Homes for Children is an organization founded in UK in 1994 by Mark and Caroline Cook, husband and wife, which aims at rebuilding the orphanages that were destroyed in the Bosnian war. Working with the children in the orphanages, they realized that their main need is actually the need to be loved and to have the certainty of a family. In Romania, Hope and Homes for Children started its projects in 1998, when there were more than 100,000 children in orphanages. Today, there are only 6,500 children in these old institutions. Children who grow up in orphanages have delays in their physical, emotional, social and cognitive development. Youngsters who leave these institutions face problems in becoming independent and are exposed to abuse, exploitation, trafficking or antisocial behavior. The Hope and Homes for Children mission is to close all the orphanages in Romania until 2026.

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