Minister of State in the UAE Cabinet Sultan Bin Ahmad Sultan Al Jaber pays official visit to Bucharest. Bilateral cooperation opportunities, highlighted in first Romania and UAE Joint Committee

The first session of the Joint Committee of Cooperation between Romania and the United Arab Emirates, held on Tuesday, at the House of Parliament, where Foreign Minister Teodor Melescanu, Economy Minister Danut Andrusca and Health Minister Sorina Pintea, as well as the Minister of State in the UAE Cabinet, Sultan Bin Ahmad Sultan Al Jaber, highlighted the areas of interest, for the purpose of collaboration.

Teodor Melescanu described the delegation’s visit as an historic one and one that will rekindle the relationship between the two countries. He also showed that the first Joint Committee wishes to be a “new model of collaboration, a political platform which will facilitate the launch of new initiatives and sound projects”.

“2018 is a good year for the rekindling the cooperation between Romania and the United Arab Emirates, representing a symbolic political moment, important for both states. Through a happy coincidence we are celebrating in Bucharest, today, 100 years of existence of the modern Romanian state, and at Abu Dhabi we have Zayed year – one hundred years since the birth of the founding father of the United Arab Emirates. Through its current foreign policy, the Romanian Government is recalibrating its view towards its traditional partners, from the Gulf region, the relationship with the United Arab Emirates being a priority, both from a inter human relations perspective and from that of the economic and commercial potential,” said the Romanian Minister at the meeting of the Romanian-Emirati Joint Co-operation Committee hosted by Parliament Palace where he signed several memoranda of understanding, along with other members of the Romanian Government.

Melescanu  added that the Emirates represent Romania’s main commercial partner in the Gulf region.

“Yesterday there were debates during some working groups, on which occasion there were discussions about the actual issues at hand. From what I have seen so far there have been some common areas of interest, such as energy, infrastructure, agriculture, tourism, collaboration in the transport sector and also an opening for tourism, including for Romania’s health tourism. These are the main topics that were outlined as being common ground for us, as well as for the Emirati side,” said Melescanu.

State Minister of UAE Sultan Bin Ahmad Sultan Al Jaber pointed out that his country and Romania have “a historic relationship of over 40 years,” thus highlighting the importance of a partnership in the cultural sector.

“We appreciate the educational system in Romania. It is a system that has produced scholars, specialists, which led to obtaining very good results in the field of invention and also for the progress of Romania. If this system benefits now of a large international acknowledgement, we also started to think in such a way so that we can raise our educational level for our citizens, offering them the best facilities, so that they too can become scholars and specialists. It is one of our most important goals,” said the Minister.

As far as the economic sector is concerned, he referenced the growth of bilateral exchanges, which reached in 2016 well over 570 million dollars.

“The year in which there were the most commercial exchanges was in 2014, and that is why we believe that we need to do more in order to consolidate the level of commercial exchanges. We wish that the Romanian side capitalize on the infrastructure and all the opportunities that the United Arab Emirates presents, in order to promote Romanian products. The Emirates wish to develop the level of investments with Romania and in the foodstuff security sector, logistics, as well as agriculture. Also, we consider that the UAE as well can become a gate for Romanian products in Asia and other destinations, and Romania can be a gate for the UAE products in Europe. I would like to refer, mainly, to the investment concerning the Constanta Port and also the start of a agricultural hub in Romania, which are in accordance with the strategic visit of the Emirates,” he mentioned.

Economy Minister Danut Andrusca talked about consolidating economic opportunities, mentioning that among the areas of interest are those of drilling, which Romania can offer, necessary for the oil and natural gas industry; the possibility of Romanian companies in making the production capacity for the UAE for the chemical industry, oil, and other complementary industries; Romania’s capacity to export cars, machinery and specific equipment required for the petrol and gas sector; promoting of products on the UAE market, such as components and subsystems for the auto industry, bearings, furniture, pharmaceutical products and those of the light industry; cooperation regarding the non-energy mineral resources and geological research; the development of opportunities between Transgaz and UAE companies from the natural gas sector.

Health Minister Sorina Pintea pointed out the importance of exchanging experience in the public health sector and also emergency health care.

“Romania is trying to look for partners concerning pharmaceutical markets, for both the production of medicine and for import, distribution. Furthermore, as far as the Health sector is concerned, we wish to have tight partnerships concerning the containment of infections associated to the medical act, as well as other aspects concerning public health of both countries,” she said.

According to Daniel Botanoiu, state secretary with the Ministry of Agriculture, the two parties have talked about two major projects which are about to be developed, the Siret – Baragan channel and the House of Commerce, but also about the bilateral trade with agricultural products.

Bin Ahmad Sultan Al Jaber mentioned the importance of a collaboration between sectors such as: military industry, infrastructure, energy, agriculture and tourism.

“We wish, through Romania, to find gateways towards the European market, through joint projects, to capitalize on the Romanian infrastructure as a point where we can go from promoting our products. Also, the military industry is at the top of our priorities. There is, in the UAE, a number of institutions specialized in this industry, which have high chances of making partnerships in this field as well. Concerning equipment and machinery for infrastructure or for energy and renewable energy, we are also very interested. Concerning agriculture, there is a special interest in the Emirates when it comes to food security. We see in Romania a investing opportunity in the real estate market and tourism market and we would like to strengthen the talks on these matters, in order to reach a sound partnership,” he mentioned.


ForMin Melescanu: Level of Romania-UAE trade reflects the confidence of business reps



The level of trade between Romania and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) reflects the confidence of business representatives from both countries, Romanian Foreign Minister Teodor Melescanu said on Tuesday at a joint news conference in Bucharest with his counterpart Sultan Ahmed al-Jaber.

Melescanu said that 2018 is “auguring well” for the Romania-United Arab Emirates relationship and the two countries aspire to “consolidate a strong economic partnership in all areas.”

“The level of bilateral trade reflects the confidence of business representatives from both countries, as well as mutual commitment to pragmatic, efficient consolidation based on competitiveness and high performance,” Melescanu pointed out.

In his turn, Sultan al-Jaber pointed out that the bilateral relations are based on “the principle of mutual respect and friendship.”

He talked about the opportunities in his country.

“In the United Arab Emirates, there are more than 200 nationalities from all over the world. Because of the geographic position and an investment-friendly climate, the Arab Emirates has become a platform that leads to a huge market. It is a model of progress and development, of sustainable development in all areas,” he pointed out.

The official also mentioned the prospects for co-operation with Romania.

“We want to use this platform to develop co-operative relations with your state. You are a friend country. There are many similarities between the two countries. The Emirati state was created on the principles of peace, respect, progress, respect for other cultures and religions, for neighbours, of non-interference with the affairs of another state, whatever that is. These are common points that bind us,” said Sultan al-Jaber.


Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister and UAE counterpart sign memorandum of understanding


Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister Teodor Melescanu and his counterpart from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Sultan Al Jaber signed on Tuesday in Bucharest, the memorandum of understanding regarding the setting up of a cooperation committee between the two countries, a body that will regularly meet every two years.

“Throughout time, the relations between Romania and the United Arab Emirates have formed a strong and mutually beneficial partnership and the collaboration between our states has opened up in the most diverse domains. The United Arab Emirates are Romania’s main economic partners in the Gulf region and the third in the Arab world,” Melescanu stated at a Romania – the United Arab Emirates Business Forum.

According to him, in 2017, bilateral trade reached 366 million US dollars and Romanian imports to the United Arab Emirates went up 39 percent, to 53 million dollars.

“These figures prove the special collaboration potential that we have and the need to boost our efforts in view of consolidating the commercial exchanges,” the minister added.

He showed that the two parties have identified, during Tuesday’s discussions, the sectors of interest for Romania: commerce, infrastructure, energy, industry, agriculture, education, culture, innovation and research.

“We will have to work together to identify in all these domains projects that are of interest to both parties. I have signed today, together with Mr. Sultan Al Jaber, the memorandum of understanding regarding the setting up of a cooperation committee between Romania’s Government and that of the United Arab Emirates. This structure will reunite regularly, every two years in our countries, and in the meantime the groups of experts will work on the concrete projects that will make the object of discussions at the committees’ level,” Melescanu also said.

The Foreign Affairs Minister showed the guests from the Emirates that there are endless business opportunities in Romania, owing to certain regulations adopted by the Government, included, meant to ensure a business climate based on development, innovation and the strengthening of the business milieu.

In his turn, the UAE Foreign Affairs Minister, Sultan Al Jaber affirmed during the conference, that it is high time the relations between the two countries moved on to the next level.

“We want to extend exports to Romania, we want to capitalise on more opportunities that we see here, for an enhanced mutual interest, to both parties’ benefit. Romanian and the UAE business people should explore the two countries’ business benefits,” the high official said.

In his turn, the Chair of the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mihai Daraban, present at the event, stated that there are solid trade exchanges between the two parties.

“We have 74 economic agents with capital from the United Emirates with a 24 million euro subscribed capital. We hope that in the future we will have more airlines, we are looking forward to it. We continue to be open to dialogue,” Daraban said.


President Iohannis states boosting commercial exchanges and investment remain priority in relation with UAE


President Klaus Iohannis welcomed on Tuesday the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Foreign Minister, Sultan Bin Ahmad Sultan Al Jaber, on which occasion the head of state underscored he greatly appreciates the positive dynamic of the relations between Romania and UAE, which are very good at the political level.

According to a press release of the Presidential Administration, Iohannis welcomed the carrying out of the Joint Co-operation Committee’s first meeting, a concrete step towards the deepening of bilateral cooperation on all common interest levels, with an emphasis on the economic one.

The President voiced his confidence that the meeting will be followed by rapid and efficient measures to implement the matters established during the works.

The head of state highlighted that the efforts to boost commercial exchanges and investments remain a priority in the relation with the UAE, Romania’s first economic partner in the Gulf region.

In that regard, the Presidential Administration shows that the bilateral Business Forum, due to take place on Tuesday, represents an impulse for capitalising on the potential of the two countries’ economic relation.

The UAE Foreign Minister underscored that his visit, on which he is being accompanied by an ample delegation of public institutions and business milieu representatives in his country, was extremely fruitful and concrete projects of potential investments have been identified, with a focus on energy, transport, infrastructure, logistics, agriculture, tourism or real estate.

Moreover, the high official conveyed the desire and determination of the UAE leadership to open a new chapter in the relation with Romania, which he deems of strategic importance. Romania’s President hailed this proposal and provided assurances that he will get involved in supporting this desideratum.

President Klaus Iohannis also thanked, on this opportunity, for the open way in which the UAE treats the Romanian community on its territory, which is well integrated and substantially contributes to the development of the UAE’s society.


PM Viorica Dancila: Relations with United Arab Emirates, a priority


On Tuesday, Premier Viorica Dancila emphasised, during her meeting with United Arab Emirates Foreign Minister Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, that the Romanian Government is recalibrating its orientation toward its traditional partners in the Gulf region, relations with the United Arab Emirates representing a priority.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila met UAE Foreign Minister Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, during his official visit to Romania occasioned by the first session of the Joint Cooperation Committee of the Romanian Government and the Government of the United Arab Emirates.

“Premier Viorica Dancila underscored that, through its current foreign policy programme, the Romanian Government is recalibrating its orientation toward its traditional partners in the Gulf region, relations with the United Arab Emirates representing a priority from the standpoint of both inter-personal relations and the economic and trade potential. In this context, she outlined the special dynamic of bilateral relations and expressed the joint desire to continue to consolidate them. Likewise, the dialogue outlined the special symbolism of the year 2018, considering that Romania celebrates 100 years of existence of the modern Romanian state, while the United Arab Emirates celebrates 100 years since the birth of the UAE’s founding father,” reads the Government’s press release.

According to the Government communique, the talks welcomed the results of the session of the joint committee, the two sides expressing their interest in deepening cooperation in the fields of agriculture, transport, infrastructure, energy, IT, and cybersecurity, as well as education and culture.

“Outlined was the fact that the bilateral juridical documents signed during the joint committee’s session will ease and stimulate the development of collaboration in fields of joint interest for the two sides. At the same time, the two officials agreed that, based on the results of the first session of the joint committee, the Governments of the two countries shall identify new sectors of cooperation, including new concrete projects. Likewise, Premier Viorica Dancila expressed the Romanian side’s interest in intensifying the direct contacts between the two countries’ business sectors, a context in which she deemed that the Romania-UAE economic forum organised on the margins of the joint committee session will allow the presentation of the opportunities that the two economies offer and will contribute to galvanising dialogue between Romanian and Emirati businessmen,” the Government adds.


Speaker Dragnea, UAE State Minister Sultan Ahmad Al Jaber discuss promotion of investment potential


The opportunity to promote Romania’s investment potential, with focus on the tourism industry, was on the agenda of the talks held on Tuesday at the Palace of Parliament between Chamber of Deputies Speaker Liviu Dragnea and the Minister of State for Economic and Trade Affairs of the United Arab Emirates, Dr. Sultan bin Ahmad Sultan Al Jaber.

The meeting was aimed at breathing new life and strengthening the traditional ties between the two countries by implementing concrete projects capable to diversify the portfolio of trade relations and expand cooperation on new sectors of the economy, the Chamber of Deputies said in a release.

“I want this visit to be a starting point for another stage of bilateral relations, where we should explore economic cooperation development areas. There are common interests, their future evolution is important, starting from realistic, pragmatic bases,” the Chamber of Deputies’ Speaker said at the beginning of the meeting.

The foreign official expressed interest in strengthening cooperation in the field of agriculture, to which the Romanian side presented the significant progress made in this sector, that uses modern technology to maximize production yields. The areas of potential interest for UAE investors mentioned by the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies were irrigations and vegetable production, because Romania’s substantial production represents a resource that could be capitalized upon in supply and processing networks, resulting in value-added products.

The talks were an opportunity to promote the investment potential of Romania, which, thanks to its strategic position and access to pan-European transport channels, offers UAE businesspeople the opportunity to develop partnerships in key sectors such as agriculture, energy or transport, the cited source said.

Regarding the major investment opportunities, the talks focused on the Danube – Bucharest Canal project, which would also include a transport hub in the south of the Capital, as well as the development of road infrastructure through direct investments in the motorway system.

Another topic tackled during the meeting was tourism, an industry with a significant contribution to the budget of the United Arab Emirates. In this context, the Romanian dignitary expressed the desire of the Bucharest authorities to benefit from the Emirates’ know-how in this sector, stressing that Romania has excellent opportunities for the development of mountain, spa, or Black Sea tourism.

Cooperation in the medical field was another point on the agenda of the meeting, with the Romanian official presenting the plans of the ruling coalition to build 8 regional hospitals and a Republican Hospital.

Both sides agreed that the organization of the first session of the Romania – UAE Joint Cooperation Committee is a clear signal of the common interest in recalibrating bilateral relations in order to explore the identified cooperation niches.

From this perspective, the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies emphasized that it is essential to closely monitor the undertaken commitments and the initiatives emerged during consultations these days so as to achieve concrete results in the medium and long-term.

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