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October 7, 2022

Gasca Zurli helps children in difficulty supported by the CID Foundation, the first charitable organization in Romania

Gasca Zurli supports the children in difficulty from the CID Foundation. There are more than 100 children in need of special care suffering from incurable or terminal diseases, being infected with HIV / AIDS, having autistic spectrum disorders or being abandoned. Zurli calls those who want to help these children make donations by visiting the foundation’s website (http://www.cid.org.ro/doneaza/) or directly on the account RO60BRDE426SV39194474260. Every day, children cared for by the CID Foundation need food items, personal hygiene articles (including diapers), medical services, recovery, social care, etc. The monthly cost of these services and consumables for a child  is Lei 7,819.

Zurli members took the decision to help CID Foundation children after visiting one of the five CID Foundation’s  care centers, where they offered the little ones toys like Zurli the Doll, Martina the Bear, Tasha and Tashu the Puppies. Darius, one of the children,  is in a wheelchair. His dream is to become a truck driver one day, so he took a walk with the Zurli Minibus.

“These kids are there. We can turn our heads off and pretend we do not see them. But they exist. And they can not go alone to the toilet or take a glass of water to their mouths. For this and for every move they make, they need help. We can support people who help them or we can turn our heads to the other side. I and Gasca Zurli chose to look in their eyes. And get them in our arms. And not to pretend they do not exist. We will convince the parents who love us to help us. Let us collect together the money these children need so that every day they live is a day when they are cared for and loved, “said Mirela Retegan, the founder of Zurli.

Important personalities, such as Simona Halep, Cristina Varzaru, Cristian Chivu, Ivan Patzaichin, Marcel Iures, Stefan Banica Jr. or Dumitru Prunariu have announced so far their support for the children from the CID Foundation. They joined the Jeans4Dreams charity campaign, which supports the efforts of the Children in Distress Foundation and contributes to the fulfillment of the dreams of the little ones cared for by the Foundation’s employees and volunteers.

Starting from a childhood and a teenage dream, when they all wanted to have a pair of jeans, a dream that came true, the personalities involved in the campaign declared their support for the CID Foundation’s actions and donated a pair of jeans. All the jeans donated by personalities from Romania and from abroad will be exposed on the Celebrity Jeans Alley as a strong message of the support of the Jeans4Dreams Campaign. This is just a call for all the good people who can support those who care for children in difficulty. Donations can be made directly to RO60BRDE426SV39194474260 account or by completing the donation form on the Children’s in Distress Foundation website (http://www.cid.org.ro/doneaza/).

Blue Denim Genes Ribbon®, the symbol of the Jeans4Dreams campaign, is a sign of recognition of the rare genetic diseases and helps unify a fractured community of thousands of small maladies that do not have a collective voice.

The Children in Distress Foundation is one of the oldest charitable organizations in Romania. It was founded in 1990 to provide safe, nursing, hope and affection for children affected by incurable or end stage diseases, infected children with HIV / AIDS, those with autistic spectrum disorders or abandoned children. Financial resources come from grants and donations. During the past years, the CID Romania Foundation has opened five centers: “Saint Laurentiu’s” Center located in Cernavoda, dedicated to HIV-AIDS infected children, “Saint Andrew’s” Hospice in Piteşti, “Saint Christopher’s” Vacation Centre in Curtea de Arges and two more in Bucharest – “Saint Michael’s” Centre and “Saint Margaret’s” Hospice.


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