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November 29, 2022

President Iohannis: Referendum law, as I received it, won’t be promulgated; I shall notify CCR. Klaus Iohannis on rumours he might become Head of the European Council: I am now President of Romania and I feel very comfortable in this position

President Klaus Iohannis announced on Wednesday that he will not promulgate the Referendum Law, in the form it reached the Presidential Administration, pointing out that he intends to notify the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR).

“The Referendum Law, as it reached me, will not be promulgated. I have some dissatisfactions with this law and I will ask for the Constitutional Court opinion,” Iohannis said at Parliament, after he participated in the opening session of the first Parliamentary Summit of the Bucharest (B9) Format.

Asked if he planned on participating in the meeting regarding the family in May, he showed he couldn’t give an opinion, as this is only an idea.

“Let’s see the meeting organised and let’s see what the purpose of this meeting is. I cannot give an opinion on a matter which is on an idea level for now,” Iohannis said.

He showed that the moment when Parliament decides the organisation of the referendum to redefine the family, then this ballot will be organised.

“The referendum was requested by a significant number of citizens and certainly when Parliament decides that it must be organised, this referendum will be organised. Here the president’s role seems to be diminishing through the demarches Parliament is making, the legislation is still on circuit, and we’ll see how it is concluded,” the head of state said.


“A coalition understanding need for upgrading national security legislation is what I wish”


The President  stated that “a responsible coalition” that understands the “need for upgrading” legislation in the national security field is a scenario he wishes for and he hopes to become reality.

“National security is such an important topic that it cannot be covered by one institution. Which is why, including in the Constitution, all the large institutions are given a part in ensuring national security, starting with the President, the CSAT (Supreme Council for National Defence), Parliament, the Government and the specialized entities, like the army, the intelligence services etc. Therefore, I believe it is important to understand that any attempt made by one of these parties to change or improve the general framework needs the collaboration of all the others,” specified Iohannis, with respect to Parliament’s attempt to set up a special committee to be in charge with the modification of the laws in the national security field.

In his opinion, there could be two scenarios in respect to this attempt of setting up a dedicated parliamentary committee.

“One scenario would be that PSD (the Social Democratic Party) wishes to occupy all the state institutions, to take them over, to push for changes in the national security legislation in the sense of a political control, without collaborating with the Presidency, without collaborating with the CSAT, without collaborating with the army and the intelligence services. This is the bad scenario. And another scenario will be that a responsible coalition would understand the need for upgrading legislation in the national security field and will start working on these very important topics, while collaborating with the presidency, with the President, with CSAT, and including with the representatives of the involved services and, in the end, we will obtain what we all wish for – an upgraded legislation, European, which will truly result in a framework that will allow us to have a modern national security and to tell the citizens: “Yes, the Romanian state is capable to have all the necessary instruments and the related legislation to defend you as you all wish to be defended.” This is the scenario that I wish for and I hope that it will become reality,” the head of the state said at Parliament.

He specified that he wouldn’t agree with removing the services from under the authority of the Presidency and CSAT.

President Iohannis also mentioned that he has not been contacted by anybody to collaborate in improving the legislation in the national security field.

“So far nobody has contacted me, but I believe that after setting up the special committee they will start taking notes of who are the important partners the need to have these talks with,” showed the head of the state after he participated in the opening session of the first Parliamentary Summit of the Bucharest (B9) Format.


Klaus Iohannis on rumours he might become Head of the European Council: I am now President of Romania and I feel very comfortable in this position


On Wednesday, at the Parliament of Romania, President Klaus Iohannis commented on the public rumours according to which he is allegedly interested in taking over as President of the European Council, the President stating that he feels comfortable as President of Romania.

“I am now President of Romania and I feel very comfortable in this position,” Klaus Iohannis said when answering a question regarding the possibility of becoming President of the European Council.

PNL’s National Council decided on Sunday, March 11, to back incumbent President Klaus Iohannis in a potential bid for a new presidential term, and PNL President Ludovic Orban for the office of Premier provided the party wins the future parliamentary elections.

According to public rumours, President Klaus Iohannis might take over the presidency of the European Council. That office is currently held by Donald Tusk.

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