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Transylvania Train: Experience a cultural trip on board of the first tourist train in Romania and make great new friends!

If you’re waiting for a sign to finally visit the last truly medieval landscape in Europe – this is it!

Transylvania is the most famous region of Romania, well known for its medieval sites and towns, intact fortified churches, old charming Saxon villages, welcoming and beautiful people, ancient traditions, charming customs and legends.

Prince Charles first visited Transylvania in 1998 and has been a regular visitor ever since, dedicating great efforts to restore and keep the local culture and traditions in places such as the Viscri Saxon village. And many others followed. The best time to see the beauty of these places and spend your nights drinking local wine your new friends in one of the most beautiful places in Europe is side of summer with wild-flower filled meadows.

Why Transilvania Train? You have so many reasons, one for every kilometer you will get to travel with them, this August. You’ll make great new friends (200 to be precise 😊 ), discover the historical heritage of more than 20 fortifications, learn to live as our ancestors once did and practice new skills with the local artisans (choosing from 15 traditional workshops). And who knows, you will get to leave home with a whole new hobby like the wood restauration craft, traditional iron shaping, horse riding or, at least with great stories to tell your friends.

What else is there? So much more, it seems! Every day, you will discover local stories with every visit and train ride, take part in memorable shows and concerts organized in fortified churches or the center of medieval towns and make memories for a lifetime. Have you ever seen the medieval guard change ritual in Alba Carolina? With Transilvania Train, you will experience even more: you will be welcomed in the Alba Iulia citadel with the most spectacular medieval canon shooting.

The concerts are also unique. Not too often you can hear a centuries old organ concert in the Sebes Evangelical Church, nor enjoy a classical and contemporary outdoor concert, in the old, fascinating part of Sibiu city.

And this is not all. We saved the most delicious part for the last. How often do you get the chance to try a whole new cuisine, discover new recipes, or even learn to cook the way our great-grandparents did, healthy and simple? The Transylvanian cooking workshop, happening in the 4th day of our journey will start your appetite for the Transylvanian traditional gastronomy.

This is the best way to spend 5 days of the summer of 2018.

Transylvania Train 2018 offers a complete touristic package that involves participants in traditional and cultural experiences. But we encourage you to see for yourself what Transylvania Train stands for. 😊

Check their schedule here and choose your favorite workshops to personalize the trip package for the most wanted journey of the summer here.

 The best time to visit is now! Welcome on board!


Photo credit: Mihai Orboiu

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