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President of the Council of Ministers of the Italian Republic, Paolo Gentiloni, in Bucharest. A visit which reconfirms that Romania and Italy are privileged partners

PM Dancila: I agreed with the Italian PM to have a joint meeting as soon as the Italian Government is formed


Prime Minister Viorica Dancila on Thursday announced that she agreed with the President of the Council of Ministers of the Italian Republic, Paolo Gentiloni, to have a joint meeting, as soon as the future Italian Government is formed, to contribute to the diversification and consolidation of the already very good sectoral cooperation existing between Romania and Italy.

“We agreed with the Italian Prime Minister, as soon as the Italian Government is formed, to have a joint meeting, which could contribute to the diversification and also strengthening of the already very good sectoral cooperation existing between our countries, in such fields as security and defence, economy, energy, environment, agriculture, justice and internal affairs, healthcare, culture and education,” PM Viorica Dancila stated after a meeting she had at the Victoria Governmental Palace with Paolo Gentiloni.

Romania and Italy are “privileged partners,” added Viorica Dancila.

“Mr. Gentiloni’s visit to Romania comes in a symbolic moment, when we are celebrating two decades of strategic partnership and a decade of consolidated strategic partnership. Our wish, a wish that we discussed before, is to strengthen even more our bilateral relations, which are already excellent right now. Romania and Italy are privileged partners, strongly connected from a historic perspective, culturally and linguistically as well, as they share the same vision with respect to a united, solidary and strong Europe,” said Dancila.

She showed that the volume of trade exchanges between the two countries reached almost 14 billion euros in 2017.

“We noticed together with satisfaction the positive economic trends in both countries, in which context we believe that it would be the right moment now to boost our economic relations. Italy represents a strategic partner for our country, with a trade exchange volume that reached almost 14 billion euros in 2017, a record level for the last decade. Moreover, we see in Romania an extremely diversified presence of Italian investments, with more than 21,000 companies running on Italian capital representing the most numerous foreign presence on the Romania market, and also the most diverse,” said Viorica Dancila.


“Together we can respond to some challenges such as Brexit, EU future”


She  stated on Thursday that she talked with Italy’s Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni about the active contribution to the dialogue on the European Union future.

“I voiced the wish to actively contribute to the discussions on the future of the EU, including in view of Romania taking over the Council of the European Union on 1 January 2019. I believe that together we can respond to some challenges such as Brexit, the multi-annual financial framework, but also the future of the European Union post-Brexit. Our discussions focused on a unitary approach and we talked about solidarity in terms of responding to other challenges that can emerge at European level,” Dancila stated after the meeting with PM Gentiloni at the Victoria Palace.

She mentioned that she also talked with PM Gentiloni about the importance of the Romanian community in Italy, but also about the Italian community in Romania, both of them representing “a connection bridge” between the two states.

“I congratulated Mr Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni for Italy taking over, this year, the presidency of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and assured him of the firm support of Romania in the efforts to manage Europe’s complex security challenges,” PM Dancila added.


Italy’s PM Gentiloni: Integration of the Romanian community in Italy is currently satisfactory


The levels of integration of the Romanian community in Italy have improved over time and are now satisfactory, Italy’s Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni stated in Bucharest.

“Our relationships are also strengthened by the very relevant presence of a Romanian community in Italy, of 1.3 million people. Perhaps it is the most sizeable Romanian community abroad, and I can assure you that this is the most important foreign community in Italy; I have agreed with the prime minister of Romania that the levels of integration over the years have been improving and are now satisfactory. Where problems arise, our governments are committed to stepping in to solve them,” Gentiloni told a joint news conference with Romanian Prime Minister Viorica Dancila.


“Italy is interested in investing in Romania in agriculture, technological innovation, energy, defence”


Visiting Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni also stated that his country is interested in investing in agriculture, technological innovation, energy, defence and many other sectors, and the Italian Government considers the presence of Italian investors in Romania as a strategic fact and not a matter of chance.

“Italy is interested in investing in agriculture, technological innovation, energy, banking, the defence sector and in many other strategic sectors. … As Mrs Prime Minister was saying, in 2017, Romania and Italy have reached a record 14 billion euro worth of bilateral trading and Italy is the second trading partner of Romania. There are 25,000 Italian companies operating in Romania. Some are small and medium-sized enterprises and some are Italian banks (. ..) We consider the very important Italian presence and the Italian interest in Romania not as a matter of chance, but as a strategic one,” Gentiloni told a joint news conference in Bucharest with Romania’s Prime Minister Viorica Dancila.

He stressed that the meeting with the Romanian prime minister represented “an opportunity to strengthen bilateral relations, which are already excellent”.

“We must rightly mention that the basis of this relationship is a historical one, which is, indeed, based on cultural and linguistic relations. (…) Our countries are involved at the level of the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance and are supported by excellent economic relations,” Gentiloni said.

He mentioned that he had agreed with the Romanian prime minister on the continuation of consultations between the two countries and bilateral meetings at the level of the two governments.


 President Iohannis meets Italian PM: Pleased our communities not merely accepted but integrated


President Klaus Iohannis stated on Thursday that the relation between Romania and Italy is a good one, pointing out that one of the positive matters is that both the Romanian community in Italy and the Italian one in Romania are not “merely accepted, but integrated.”

“Our bilateral relation between Romania and Italy is a good, very good one. This shows in many domains,” Iohannis said at Cotroceni Presidential Palace after the meeting with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, on a visit in Bucharest.

He mentioned the political relations, the economic exchanges and the almost identical stance with regard to European policy.

“As we are both politicians, we have multiple, very good exchanges in the political area and we also have similar or even identical stances in several matters of European policy, of international policy. I am pleased with these things. We have had a good collaboration between us so far, that I would particularly like to appreciate on this occasion. There is the great economic relation between Italy and Romania, important commercial exchanges. Italy is Romania’s second largest partner. And we also have something in common, which is very special and positive – the Romanian community in Italy and the Italian community in Romania. We are both pleased that these mutual communities are not merely accepted, but they have also integrated very well and Italians are very welcome and very well integrated in Romania, with a large community of business people and the large Romanian community – 1,300,000 Romanians live in Italy – it is a community that is well integrated and very well accepted in Italy ,” Iohannis affirmed.

The head of state specified that he also discussed with the Italian official on European topics.

“Romania is up for an interesting period, a rather tough trial period. As of 1 January we will hold the Presidency of the Council [Council of the European Union, ed.n.]. We have discussed these matters,” Iohannis said.

He showed that the talks also tackled the multi-annual financial Framework post-2020 and the Brexit case. “Perhaps it will surprise that among the very positive things I have mentioned in these discussions the migration issue. (…) Italy’s policy, the policy under the leadership of Mr President of the Ministers’ Council, Mr. Gentiloni, has led to a dramatic drop in migration influx in the Mediterranean Sea. A very wise, efficient policy,” said President Iohannis who congratulated Italy’s PM for the policy in migration control in the Mediterranean Sea.

The head of state added in the context that a European management and control system of migration and the strengthening of the European Union’s outer border are needed, also recalling PESCO.

President Iohannis specified that “burning” international issues were also tackled during the talks.


Italy’s PM: Certain about contribution of Romanian Presidency of EU’s Council to economic multiannual framework of the EU


The President of the Council of Ministers of the Italian Republic, Paolo Gentiloni, said on Thursday in Bucharest that the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council will contribute to the achievement of the EU’s common economic multiannual framework, adding that migration management must be one of the major priorities of the European Union.

“We are living, obviously, a moment of particular uncertainties and difficulties on the way that Europe will follow. There are some ongoing discussions. We are also talking about an ongoing effort to try to bring together the interests of each country and from a European perspective, because I think one cannot accept the idea that the national interests will come in the long run in contradiction with the evolution of a common European project. We share the fact that due to the role of President Iohannis and the Romanian Government, the half year that will be led by the Romanian Presidency of the European Council, the first six months of 2019 – and we are sure that it will make a contribution in such a way as to move towards a common EU multi-annual economic framework which cannot be dominated by selfish interests, which would ultimately lead to the impossibility of reaching a positive definition.

I believe that in these months we have heard opinions that risk leading us astray, on another path and we must insist on taking the community path. Inside this community path there is a common involvement on migration themes, and I think Italy has done its job, it has made an important effort, but it has to be one of the EU’s top priorities in order to gradually manage this phenomenon. (…) It will be a phenomenon that will accompany us over the years to come and maybe for decades. Therefore, it is our task to manage it in such a way that it should not be a factor of insecurity and fear, but a controlled development factor for our economies,” said the Italian official at the Cotroceni Palace after meeting with President Klaus Iohannis.

The Italian prime minister praised the relations between Romania and Italy as excellent.

“The relations between our countries are excellent at the economic level. We have a trade of 14 billion euro, we have tens of thousands of Italian companies present in Romania. (…) We have an important Romanian community present in Italy, increasingly more active, more integrated, more capable of doing business and making an ever more relevant contribution to the development of our country,” Gentiloni said.

He also evoked cooperation within the EU and NATO.

Asked whether Italy, in the context of the formation of the new government, risks to remain out of the debate about the future of the EU, Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni said: “I believe that Italy cannot afford to stay out of this dynamic that designates the future of the EU and the EU cannot afford to address this debate without Italy.” He added that work is being done on international issues, the sanctions on Iran, opening accession negotiations with countries such as Albania and Macedonia, migration, economic issues.

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