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October 22, 2021

Dragnea denies any tension between him and PM and says instability impression is sought. “ I was bothered by President’s attitude regarding latest awful disclosures about the DNA”

Deputies’ Chamber Speaker and Social Democratic Party (PSD) leader Liviu Dragnea denied the existence of any tensions between him and Prime Minister Viorica Dancila and maintained that such information, particularly related to a possible resignation of the PM, is meant to create the impression abroad that there is instability in Romania, that everything is uncertain.

“Absolutely not,” Dragnea told Antena 3 private television station, asked if there are any tensions between him and Viorica Dancila.

“On Monday morning, as this news came up on Monday, when I turned on the phone, Mrs Dancila and I read the news. Of course, we met right away, we had a CExN [National Executive Council meeting] at Parliament and we were both trying to understand why this completely false news appeared, without any link to reality. (…) All weekend we had been together – with Mrs Dancila, with a few colleagues from the government, we discussed a lot about the pay law and about motorways. We were outside Bucharest and we came together. (…) I have been closely watching and I have tried to make a connection with other completely false news. Moreover, I made the connection with the President’s words: ‘We increased salaries until we cut them,’ but what was more important, was after that: ‘This causes instability in Romania.’ The information implying that there are tensions between me and Mrs Dancila had a different purpose – to go abroad – that in Romania there will be political instability again, so that embassies should pass on the information,” the PSD Chairman said.

According to him, beyond the fact that it is false, the news is also “irresponsible,” because it was trying to accredit the idea that in Romania everything is instability, that everything goes wrong, that everything is uncertain and that there is one single man who can keep things under control, namely President Iohannis.

Dragnea reiterated that he is “very satisfied” with the Prime Minister’s and the Government’s activity.

“We aren’t conducting a showcase, show governance, we are acting in depth. It is true, some are preparing for the presidential elections, while we are changing Romania. Some are acting of an electioneering manner, we are acting fundamentally and in depth. (…) We don’t stop to respond to these lies and to more other blunders thrown into the public space by the so-called analysts or specialists, economists from the opposition, we are interested, bit by bit, in things getting on the right track,” the PSD leader showed.

He wished to point out that he regrets a series of statements the head of state made in respect to the PSD.


Speaker Dragnea says he was bothered by President’s attitude regarding latest awful disclosures


The Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD)  reconfirmed on Thursday his support for Justice Minister Tudorel Toader, regarding the latter’s demarche at the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) in respect to President Klaus Iohannis’ refusal to dismiss prosecutor-in-chief of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) Laura Codruta Kovesi from office and said that the head of state’s attitude “regarding the awful disclosures which surfaced over the past days” bugged him.

“Mr Tudorel Toader is a law school professor, he has a PhD in law and he is a former judge, a former judge at the CCR, a member of the Venice Commission, a man with a high legal and constitutional training. I have great confidence in this man’s argumentation. I said it and I still say that I offer him my full support for his demarche. And I am convinced that even the Prime Minister will offer him her support and the entire Government. If Mr Tudorel Toader said he is to notify the CCR that means he has very serious and strong arguments and he doesn’t do it [the notification of the CCR] for some personal reasons,” Dragnea told Antena 3 private television station.

He added that the Gov’t endorses the Justice Minister in the demarche he is to carry out with the CCR regarding the refusal of President Klaus Iohannis to remover prosecutor-in-chief of the DNA Laura codruta Kovesi from office and added that not this decision of the head of state bothered him.

“I wasn’t bothered by the refusal to dismiss [Laura Codruta Kovesi] from office, but by the president’s attitude concerning the awful disclosures which surfaced over the past days. I mean, one cannot pretend not to understand the gravity of these disclosures, one cannot pretend that this system didn’t work, but on the contrary, it worked very bad and generated many abuses. I don’t know what was the president’s attitude, it’s his choice, some people say there were electoral reasons involved (…) but I’m not really interested in this. I was bothered by this rather passive attitude regarding the outrageousness of the disclosures which surfaced,” the PSD chairman mentioned.


“I understand the President and PNL don’t want referendum on family; we won’t give up”


Liviu Dragnea on Thursday said that he understands President Klaus Iohannis and the National Liberal Party (PNL) don’t want the referendum regarding the definition of the term family, mentioning that he feels very high pressures from European Socialists not to conduct this referendum, but that the PSD would not give up.

“We want to organise a very wide meeting to show our support for the traditional family. It is a thing which I believe very much in. It is a topic of a huge importance for the Romanian society. PSD, overall, supports this thing and it is not a meeting of PSD exclusively, but it is a meeting made to show our support for that. I have already spoken to my colleagues, we are in the preparations, we are going to set up the date and the place. It isn’t very easy to find in Bucharest a place for a very large meeting. At the same time, we must set the date, because we have to see what happens with the modification of the referendum law. I understood, I don’t know if it’s accurate, that the president wants to challenge the law with the CCR [Constitutional Court of Romania], therefore there are delays. Depending on what happens on a legislative level, we’ll decide on this meeting’s data,” Dragnea told Antena 3.

He sent ‘all those who want to prevent this referendum’ that the PSD will not give up.


Gov’t adopts memorandum on initiation of procedures to move embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem


Gov’t adopts memorandum on initiation of procedure to effectively move the Romanian Embassy in Israel, from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Chairman of the Social Democratic Party  announced on Thursday.

“A while ago, I said that, in my opinion, Romania too, after the US announcement, should move its Embassy in Israel, from Telv Aviv to Jerusalem. (…) And, indeed, yesterday, the information came out that the Government adopted a memorandum deciding to initiate the procedures for effectively moving the Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. It may seem like something unimportant, but our gesture has a huge symbolical value. First of all, it has a symbolical value for a state with a huge influence in the world, a state, Israel, with whom we have very special relations for many years, a state where 500,000 Romanians live, and it has a great value for the US administration,” Dragnea told Antena 3 private television broadcaster.

According to Dragnea, Romania is, basically, the second country to make this announcement. “Moving the Embassy may and I believe would bring great benefits in the short, medium and long run, and we must use this huge opportunity,” said Dragnea.


 “We had several discussions with Orban; Hungary unambiguously supports Romania’s candidacy to OECD”


Speaker of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies and national leader of the Social Democratic Party also said on Thursday he had talked on several occasions with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Romania’s candidacy to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the establishment of a Roman Catholic high school in Targu Mures.

Dragnea said that after initially opposed, Hungary is “unequivocally” supporting Romania’s candidacy to OECD.

“It is my duty to say this: it is a complex action in which President Iohannis played an important role in the past, where the Foreign Ministry, diplomats and other organisations have been involved. But if a country in this group opposes us, Romania could not join in. The position of Hungary, which said that it no longer agrees with Romania’s joining OECD, came in. Back then, I called the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban; I had a discussion, I had several In fact, and he was really dissatisfied, in my opinion for good reason, in the end we talk about children who have the right to education – that for a very long time it has been blocked by various actions the establishment … in fact, the high school in Targu Mures was disbanded and its reopening was stalled. I promised that this will happen, and immediately after the Hungarian prime minister and the foreign minister of Hungary said they would support Romania’s candidacy to OECD,” Dragnea told Antena 3 private broadcaster.

Afterwards, he added, after Parliament passed the law on the reopening of the high school, the CCR declared it unconstitutional, which triggered Hungary’s position that it still needed time to think. “I had a discussion again with Prime Minister Orban – and I want to say that I also asked Kelemen Hunor [national leader of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania – UDMR] to get involved, and he got involved and support; because we have already found another administrative solution for that high school to be set up, because it is normal for it to be set up, a few days ago we formally learned that Hungary has said it unequivocally supports Romania’s candidacy to OECD,” said Dragnea.

According to him, Romania will have a lot to win after joining OECD.

Dragnea expressed hope that Romania will be able to build a very serious partnership with China – “the kind of relationship that brings great advantages to Romania”.

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