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June 26, 2022

PNL asks Gov’t to withdraw its long-term National Strategy bill: Dancila-Dragnea Gov’t sets Romania’s future for the next 22 years

On Sunday, the National Liberal Party asked the Government to give up the bill on the drafting and updating of the ‘Romania 2040’ long-term National Strategy, the Liberals claiming that this bill betrays “a sick way of thinking, infested with communist nostalgia.”

“This bill betrays a sick way of thinking, infested with the communist nostalgia of some people who have so far never managed to really assimilate the values of democracy. Basically, citizens will no longer have any say in the elections, in what concerns the direction that Romania is following, since everything that ‘Dragnea’s Committee’ establishes becomes mandatory for any Government to follow,” reads a communique remitted to MEDIAFAX.

The Liberals also claim that Liviu Dragnea is the person who is set to lead this project, in his capacity as House Speaker.

“The National Liberal Party has shockingly taken note of the Dancila-Dragnea Government’s intention to adopt a bill that plans no less than to regulate who sets Romania’s future for the next 22 years,” the communique also reads.

Consequently, the PNL is asking the Government to withdraw this bill: “We warn the Government to give up this bill whose sole purpose is to attempt to falsify and to hijack, for a propagandistic purpose, an important topic for Romania’s future. It is revolting for such a topic to be turned into an electoral vehicle for Liviu Dragnea. Before planning to define this country’s strategy to 2040, the current Government should have proven, through actions, that it can solve the current, urgent problems that Romania faces. However, it has proven the contrary.”

The bill has been published on the website of the General Secretariat of the Government. “The present law introduces the obligation to draft and update Romania’s long-term Strategy for Economic and Social Development, hereby dubbed the ‘Romania 2040’ Strategy, as well as the institutional framework to achieve and ensure national consensus,” reads the bill.

Likewise, the final provisions of the document posted on the website of the General Secretariat of the Government point out that “the coming into force of the present law introduces the obligation to include in the governance programmes approved by Parliament the main strategic objectives listed in the ‘Romania 2040’ Strategy.”

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