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Refugee situation in 2017. Rankings of EU states that received refugees last year. Romania is 16th, offering asylum to 655 Syrians

According to a Eurostat statistic, in Romania most of the refugees that benefitted from protection measures were Syrian, Iraqi and Afghan citizens. In 2017, 1,330 citizens received a permit to stay in the country.

EU member states have guaranteed they would protect more than half a million persons who requested asylum in 2017. Almost a third of them were Syrians.

The 28 EU member states guaranteed they would protect 538,000 persons who requested asylum in 2017, almost 25 percent fewer than in 2016.

Moreover, European Union member states received around 24,000 refugees that filed re-installation requests. The biggest group of beneficiaries of Europe’s protection measures in 2017 were Syrian citizens, with 175,800 persons (33 percent), followed by Afghan citizens with 100,700 persons (12 percent).

The number of decisions to confer protection status upon Syrian citizens dropped year-on-year. Of the 175,800 Syrians, more than 70 percent were given protection in Germany, namely 124,800 persons.

Based on Eurostat data, in 2017, 655 Syrians were given asylum in Romania, representing 49 percent of the total number of those who requested protection measures. Iraqi citizens are on second place, with 460 persons, representing 34 percent, followed by Afghan citizens, with 65 persons.

“In 2017, the highest number of persons who were given protection was registered in Germany, namely 325,400 persons, followed by France with 40,600 persons, Italy with 35,100 refugees, Austria and Sweden. Of all the persons for whom protection status was guaranteed in Europe last year, 271,600 citizens received the refugee status, namely half of all the positive decisions, and subsidiary protection was given to a number of 189,000 citizens, a status offered to those persons who are looking for asylum but do not qualify for refugee status, while another 77,500 benefitted from permits to stay for humanitarian reasons,” reads a Eurostat press release.

In Romania, of the 1,330 asylum requests that received a positive answer in 2017, 875 citizens benefitted from the status of refugees, 455 received subsidiary protection, and no citizen was allowed to stay due to humanitarian reasons.

In 2017, more than 970,000 asylum requests were approved by EU member states in the court of first instance, and another 266,000 final approval decisions were taken at the appeals. Of the 20 main citizenships that requested asylum and obtained approval decisions in the court of first instance, the recognition rates varied from 5 percent for persons from Albania to 94 percent for Syrian citizens and 92 percent for Eritrean citizens.

At European level, Romania is 16th from the standpoint of the number of refugees that received a permit to stay.

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