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September 28, 2020

Conference of Speakers of the European Union Parliaments in Tallinn. Liviu Dragnea and European officials talk about Romania’s upcoming Presidency of the EU Council. Tariceanu: In exercising presidency of the EU Council in 2019, Romania will act as active partner

House Speaker Liviu Dragnea met his counterparts from Austria, Switzerland, France, and Poland in the context of the Conference of Speakers of the European Union Parliaments in Tallinn. The topics tackled were the strategy for the Danube Region and Romania’s upcoming presidency of the Council of the EU.

“I had very consistent talks with Mr Wolfgang Sobotka, Speaker of the National Council of the Republic of Austria, about Romania taking over the presidency of the Council of the EU. Austria finishes its mandate in December, we start ours in January. Of course, we talked about their priority projects, such as the development of digital society or the investments in innovation, projects that we will support during our mandate too. A special topic was the Danube Region Strategy, which, in essence, is a Romanian-Austrian initiative with an immense potential for social cohesion and economic development,” Liviu Dragnea stated, according to a House press release.

According to the source, during his meeting with Dominique De Buman, Speaker of the National Council of the Swiss Confederacy, Dragnea discussed topics of joint interest such as the Swiss financial contribution, whose absorption rate surpasses 85 percent in our country, and support for a framework agreement between the EU and Switzerland. The topics will be discussed in-depth by Dragnea during his official visit to Bern at the end of May.

Against the backdrop of the events prepared for this year, including the Romania-France season and the consolidation of the strategic partnership through the updating of the Roadmap, Liviu Dragnea and French National Assembly Speaker Francois de Rugy considered it advisable to exchange opinions on the role of parliamentary diplomacy in the consolidation of joint projects.

Likewise, the House Speaker also talked with Poland’s Sejm Marshal Marek Kuchinski about openness to using legislative institutions to intensify bilateral cooperation and to promote a joint agenda at European level. The positive dynamic of bilateral contacts and the two countries’ convergent positions on several levels of international cooperation were emphasised during the talks, special attention being given to the revitalising of the Eastern Partnership.


Tariceanu: In exercising presidency of the EU Council in 2019, Romania will act as active partner


Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated at the Conference of Speakers of the European Union Parliaments in Tallinn that our country will be an active and constructive partner when Romania holds the presidency of the Council of the EU in 2019.

“During the debates, Senate Speaker Calin Popescu-Tariceanu gave a speech in which he emphasised that Romania actively takes part, at both parliamentary and executive levels, in the debate on the future of the European project, both in EU-27 talks and in bilateral contacts with EU member states. Romania pleads for a unitary Europe in all of its dimensions – political, economic and social –, without segregation among its members based on regional criteria, economic-financial and social policies. In what concerns Romania’s exercise of the Presidency of the EU Council in 2019, the Senate Speaker stated that Romania will act as an active and constructive partner, promoting a unitary approach. The Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU will seek that European Union policies permanently relate to the principle of solidarity, as a joint EU value, underscoring the importance of the return to the basics of European construction in order to rebuild the citizens’ trust,” reads the Senate’s press release.

At the event in Tallinn, Estonia, which took place on April 23-24, Tariceanu had bilateral meetings with French Senate Speaker Gerard Larcher, Polish Senate Speaker Stanislaw Karczewski, and Slovenian Senate Speaker Alojz Kovsca.

At this summit, Romania was represented by two delegations led by House Speaker Liviu Dragnea and Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu. The conference brought together 40 speakers of parliament and European Parliament Speaker Antonio Tajani. The conference centred on two main topics: the future of the European Union and the EU’s security and defence dimension.

According to the aforementioned source, the speakers of parliament adopted a series of conclusions during their debates, including one according to which the European Union played and plays an essential role in promoting and maintaining peace, stability and prosperity at the level of the entire continent. The participants underscored that the European Union is facing certain challenges, but this creates an opportunity to adopt the reforms needed to outline the role that the EU plays in overcoming them.

Referring to the post-2020 Multiannual Financial Framework, the speakers of EU parliaments expressed their confidence that European institutions will make sufficient progress in the future negotiations to reach a timely political accord. The speakers emphasised the need for the new Financial Framework to include flexible aspects to handle unforeseen situations, the Romanian Senate’s press release informs.


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