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March 17, 2023

PNL lodges simple healthcare motion in Chamber of Deputies

The floor group of the National Liberal Party (PNL) in the Chamber of Deputies on Monday tabled a simple motion against the health minister.

“We are tabling the simple motion ‘PNL asking Liviu Dragnea to dismiss the minister of health! In tandem with the minister of labour.’ At the moment of the debate, you will certainly do what all our colleagues must do to help Mrs Pintea, a good hospital manager, to return home where she belongs,” PNL lawmaker Florin Roman told a plenary session of the Chamber.


Ludovic Orban: PNL to definitely table no-confidence motion against Gov’t this legislative session


National Liberal Party (PNL) President Ludovic Orban stated on Sunday, during a press conference in Botosani, that PNL will definitely table a no-confidence motion against the Government this legislative session too.

Asked whether a no-confidence motion will be tabled during the current session, the leader of PNL said: “Yes, definitely.”

Ludovic Orban also stated that the National Liberal Party has taken the decision to start a national campaign to inform citizens and make them aware of all aspects regarding the Pillar II Pension Fund and especially the risks they would face if Pillar II were to drop in value.

He also pointed out that next week the Liberals will table in the House a simple motion against the Health Minister.

On March 12, the PNL President stated that a no-confidence motion against the Government will be tabled when it is thought “the Government is in the worst situation” and the motion has chances of being adopted.

“You know very well that in each parliamentary session we have the right to table one no-confidence motion. We will use this constitutional right at the most appropriate time, when we consider that the Government is in the worst situation and there are the highest chances for a no-confidence motion to pass. There is still time until the end of the [parliamentary] session. We will look for the most appropriate moment to table this no-confidence motion,” Ludovic Orban stated.

PNL First Vice President Raluca Turcan had announced during the party’s National Council meeting, on March 11, that Liberal MPs will table a no-confidence motion against the Government during this parliamentary session too, stating that they will rally all parliamentary political forces in order to topple the PSD-ALDE coalition government.

Last November, PNL tabled a motion against the Tudose Government, a motion that was rejected in Parliament.

According to the Constitution, the House and the Senate, in a joint meeting, can withdraw their endorsement of the Government by adopting a no-confidence motion with the vote of a majority of MPs. The no-confidence motion can be tabled by at least one fourth of the total number of MPs and is brought to the Government’s knowledge on the date it is tabled. The no-confidence motion is debated three days after it is presented during the joint meeting of the two Chambers. If the no-confidence motion is rejected, the MPs that signed it can no longer table another no-confidence motion during the same legislative session, except in case the Government assumes responsibility in Parliament.

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