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April 17, 2021

PNL Senator publishes ANAF document asking its employees to meet fine quota

National Liberal Party (PNL) Senator Florin Citu published last Wednesday a document from the Romanian Tax Authority’s (ANAF) 2017 activity report, which shows, according to the Senator, that last year the supplementary target for each ANAF inspector was to bring in an extra RON 3.3 million from legal persons and RON 650,000 from natural persons.

The revelation came against the backdrop in which House Speaker Liviu Dragnea and ANAF Director Ionut Misa met last Tuesday’s in the former’s office, according to the mentioned source. Moreover, the PNL Senator claims that the reason for Misa’s visit in Dragnea’s office last Tuesday was to establish extra targets for ANAF inspectors in what concerns the fines to be issued this year.

“Why Liviu summoned Ionut Misa. It’s inadmissible what is happening to us. PSD’s wretchedness and hypocrisy have no limits! Do you recall how careful Liviu was with the Romanian citizens that ANAF abused? This is to refresh your memory: “I notice that the fiscal inspectors that audit companies are still tributary to a Soviet-like mentality, the likes of ‘even if you’re all right, we’ll find something to pin on you!’ It’s inadmissible for fiscal inspectors to have a quota of fines, as revealed by the ANAF memo recently sent to its county branches.” Liviu Dragnea lied unashamedly,” Citu wrote on Facebook.

The PNL Senator presented a fragment from ANAF’s 2017 activity report, which allegedly shows that the institution’s inspectors received extra pay, above the initial plan, for fines issued last year against companies and natural persons.

“The document that I’m about to present demonstrates the wretchedness Liviu and PSD are capable of. For a year, I’ve been telling you about the attack on the private sector. Today I can prove to you that Liviu’s hatred toward the private sector, toward the persons who are working honestly in Romania, is unlimited. The document is an annual ANAF report. On page 12 of this document you can find the proof that Liviu Dragnea, and PSD, even though they kept dismissing this, have started a hunt organised down to the smallest detail, inspired by the Soviet regime, against citizens and private companies, in order to collect more money to the budget. This report says plainly something that is incredible for us, those who are fighting every day to stop the state’s abuses (a minimal and non-interventionist state). In 2017, ANAF employees… PAY ATTENTION… had a SUPPLEMENTARY target in what concerned fines against natural and legal persons!!! SUPPLEMENTARY – in excess of the initial plan. For 2017, the supplementary target for each ANAF inspector was to bring in an extra RON 3.3 million from legal persons and RON 650,000 from natural persons (F8 and F9 in the table). And here you must link this with the bill that is now in Parliament, according to which ANAF employees are to receive 15 percent bonus from the fines they issue!!!” the Liberal Senator adds.

Florin Citu points out that both ANAF and Liviu Dragnea denied the existence of such supplementary targets.

“Let it be clearer. ANAF comes to audit and no matter what the company’s situation is, it won’t leave without issuing a fine. But not any kind of fine. At this moment, each ANAF inspector is incentivised to issue as many fines and as high as possible, both as a supplementary target and considering the bonus he/she receives as a percentage of these fines. I hope you’ve understood. Liviu Dragnea has formed a loyal army, precisely in the classical style of dictators, with which he will destroy the private sector, natural or legal persons. The existence of supplementary targets was denied by both ANAF and Liviu Dragnea in 2017. Now what do they have to say? Why is ANAF introducing supplementary targets for each inspector? Because that’s what Dragnea ordered in order to obtain the money he urgently needs to patch the huge hole in the budget. Now you also have the explanation for Ionut Misa’s urgent “visit” paid to Liviu Dragnea yesterday in Parliament. They established the supplementary sums for ANAF’s hunt for revenue in 2018. I’m giving you very bad news. The supplementary sums that must be collected in 2018, after the first 3 months of budget execution, are much higher than those last year,” Citu concluded.

Last Tuesday, ANAF Director Ionut Misa met PSD President Liviu Dragnea in the latter’s office at the Lower House, the ex-Finance Minister stating that the single financial statement was one of the topics tackled.

“We discussed strictly technical aspects concerning the single financial statement, for example, so that it would function as best as possible and we wouldn’t have any kind of problems. In what concerns the single form, as you know that’s a decision that the minister takes through the Directorate for Legislation. ANAF must enforce all these decisions and this form, and make sure that there are no problems in what concerns the functionality, the statement, the number of taxpayers,” Ionut Misa stated. The ANAF Director spent approximately 40 minutes in Liviu Dragnea’s office.

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