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August 3, 2021

Telekom Banking offer brings new products: Consumer and Refinancing Loans

Starting this month, Telekom Banking offer includes two new products dedicated to the Romanian market: Consumer Loan and Refinancing Loan, through which customers can borrow up to 100,000 RON for the maximum period of five years.

Telekom Banking’s offer meets current credit needs of the Romanian population for simple, fast and easy to access products. Thus, the new credit products from Telekom Banking offer bring customers a wide range of benefits:


  •             They receive on-the-spot the offer for the requested loan;
  •              They can access to money immediately after the approval decision;
  •             Through a single loan, several loans to other banks (personal loans, credit cards or overdraft limits) can be refinanced and an additional amount can be also obtained;
  •              There are no additional costs for life or unemployment insurances;
  •             They can use the borrowed amount through Internet banking and Mobile Banking platforms that are free of charge, as well as through a debit card that allows free withdrawals from anywhere in the world.

For both Consumer and Refinancing Loans, interest rate starts from 6.99% depending of the socio-demographic profile and customer history of past credits. There is no analysis commission for the Refinancing Loan while the analysis commission for the Consumer Loan is 190 RON.

For a Refinancing Loan of 20,000 RON granted for a period of 5 years, the APR is 10.03%, the installment value is 417 RON while the total value to be paid is 25,243 RON. The APR includes a registration fee to the Electronic Archive (65.7 RON) and the current account administration fee (3 RON/ month). Variable annual interest rate is 9.15%, consisting of a fixed margin over the duration of the contract of 7.07% + ROBOR 3M (2.08% valid between April and June 2018).

Loans can be required by persons with a minimum age of 22 years and a maximum age of 76 years (at the last installment of the loan) having a minimum income of 500 RON resulting from salaries (minimum 3 months within the current employer), pensions or independent activities. To access the credit, it is necessary to open a current account at Alior Bank.

Customers can request loans through a network of 29 selling points dedicated to banking services within Telekom stores located in Bucharest and in major cities. The full list of these locations is available here.

Installments can be paid by transfer from any bank or by cash depositing at any cash desk within Telekom stores chain, including the Telekom shops under Germanos brand.


About Telekom Banking


Telekom Banking, the newest digital financial project in Romania, developed within the partnership between Telekom Romania and Alior Bank, offers to individual clients easy-to-use banking products and services, that are accessible online through www.telekombanking.ro and through Telekom stores chain, including the Telekom shops under Germanos brand.

Customers have access to a wide range of banking operations within Telekom Banking offer that is structured on 3 pillars: daily banking operations, the Online Currency Exchange platform and the new loan offer, consisting of consumer loan and overdraft.

They enjoy the freedom of free withdrawals from any ATM in the world, and the payments in RON to any bank in Romania are not charged if they are made through Internet and Mobile Banking platforms. Using Internet and Mobile Banking is also free.

Within Telekom Banking offer, banking services are provided by Alior Bank SA Warsaw – Bucharest Branch.

Telekom Banking was launched in Romania in October 2017.

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