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April 16, 2021

Claudiu Manda elected chairman of special cttee on amending national security laws

The special committee on amending the national security laws convened on Tuesday to elect its leadership, House lawmaker Claudiu Manda (PSD) being elected committee chairman. In the following period, he is set to ask national security structures to propose legislative amendments.

“Approving the committee’s regulations was on our order of the day. My colleagues made several proposals – some were accepted, others weren’t; today, we will send the regulations to the joint standing bureaus for approval, we hope they will convene very quickly and approve the regulations, for us to be able to start our activity,” Claudiu Manda stated.

The Social Democratic Party lawmaker pointed out that in the following period he will ask national security structures to propose legislative amendments.

“We discussed this aspect too. We discussed that as soon as the regulations are approved we would convene and send addresses to all structures in the national security area, asking them for proposals to modify the legislation in their field, to give them a deadline, probably a two-week deadline, and similarly the MPs and the parliamentary groups, we should request a comparative study on various European topics from the Legislative Directorate too. (…) We talked about press access. The regulations state that normally the meetings are public, that’s how it’s probably going to be, but the moment we have pinpoint talks with intelligence structures… these meetings will probably not be public,” Claudiu Manda said.

Manda claimed that national security legislation must be “refreshed.”

“We’re talking about laws from ’91, modified here and there, or laws from ’98 or ’92, we’re talking about national security threats that are no longer connected to what was happening in ’91, we’re talking about the observance of human rights and intrusive measures that must be regulated very well, we’re talking about potential abuses. We’re still looking at some conclusions within the Intelligence Committee, but these things should be regulated and there should no longer be suspicions, interpretations, or [sic] a fairly clear relationship between Parliament and these structures. There are several things to establish, but it’s very important to refresh the legislation,” the House lawmaker said.

On Wednesday, the joint plenum of the House and Senate adopted the setting up of the special committee on amending the national security laws. The legislative body can also table legislative proposals in the national security field.

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