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Philip Aarsman, Managing Director Business Lease Romania: “Business Lease starts the year committing to a new mission: Passion for Mobility”

What are the focus points and the challenges for Business Lease in 2018?

Enough I would say. Business Lease has been on the Romanian market for over three years now and since the very beginning we have focused on CARE and Total Cost of Mobility optimization. The best solutions for our customers’ most pressing needs – this is our aim.

In 2018 we want to add new products to our portfolio in order to facilitate the need for personalized services required by fast growing industry segments, such as courier and distribution areas. We also want to introduce our clients to a new approach over full service operational leasing by consolidating our partnerships in which strategic focus areas such as cost, time and operational efficiency integrate client care.

Business Lease starts the year committing to a new mission: Passion for Mobility, please check our new website. We are dedicated to bringing mobility to a new level by creating innovative mobility opportunities with new power trains (EV and Hybrid) and allowing users to integrate various means of transport: vehicle, bike, train, subway, car sharing etc.

What are the innovative solution Business Lease propose for fleet administration?

Business Lease has kept up with the changes and launched Connected Care, a program through which all the vehicles in our fleet are connected to a database recording online: their mileage, fuel consumption and other important notifications a driver might receive via its car dashboard. These data allow us to be efficient and proactive by directing our users in due time for servicing, thus optimizing costs and time. Our clients and users receive daily updated information about their vehicles and fuel consumption in order to manage and reduce the total costs of mobility.

How will fleet management and operational leasing evolve in the next 5 years?

The demand for operational leasing services has grown and we expect this trend for the years to come mainly due to the fact that companies started to understand, valuate and appreciate the benefits of operational leasing in terms of administrative, process and as a result important financial advantages. This financing solution offers multiple benefits to companies by decreasing costs and time involved in the administration of the fleet. Vehicle fleet is after HR costs, still a significant part of the budget of many companies, as cars are an important working tool or employee benefit. Operational leasing offers companies the possibility not having to invest in their vehicle fleet, but to focus on their core business and to pay just for the usage, with no risks related to its depreciation or unexpected costs during the exploitation time.

Are electric and hybrid vehicles a solution for companies?

For vehicles with multiple stops during the day, driving an average distance of 100 km per day, such as LCVs, courier vehicles, as well passenger transport vehicles, electric vehicles could even be the best solution. In Romania, Business Lease is a pioneer in this area and has already clients who adopted electric solutions even before Rabla Plus program was introduced.

How do you feel the pulse of the operational leasing in Romania?

Bucharest remains at this moment the most developed area in terms of operational leasing consumption and we have recorded here our highest business increase. (International) companies are familiar with the concept, they used the service with good results in other countries and are willing to adopt it. The western part of the country where impressive results in terms of economic growth have been recorded is still in the phase of assimilating the concept. We have here a very solid community of local entrepreneurs who need to be trained into learning the advantages of operational leasing and understanding the benefits of outsourcing all fleet management time consuming operations and risks. We took up this challenge last year when we opened our new regional branch for Transilvania in Cluj because being close to your (potential) customers is crucial to start a business and develop the cooperation with them.


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