“Say it with flowers”!

Yes, “Say it with flowers” is a typical Dutch expression: we use flowers to express many things: gratitude, apologies, love, appreciation, compassion… Many times it works even better than with words!

The Dutch passion for flowers goes way back in time. From the “tulip mania” of the 17th century, when tulips were more expensive than gold and Dutch people made and lost fortunes investing in them, to the war times when flower bulbs were used as food – as a desperate measure against starvation, flowers have always been there in the lives and hearts of Dutch people.

Today flowers are a truly blooming business in the Netherlands. The country is known as the “Flower shop of the world” as it is the world’s no. 1 supplier of flowers and planting material. This means more than just passion for flowers. It means extensive research, continuous innovation and state of the art logistics. All to allow that flowers harvested today in the Netherlands are available in flower shops all over the world the day after.

Everybody in Romania knows the Netherlands as “Ţara Lalelelor”. And many people know already that celebrating the National Day of the Netherlands in Romania means also a celebration of flowers and floral art. For the 9th year in a row, the Dutch Embassy in Bucharest is celebrating King’s Day with flowers.

Celebrations start on April 26 at 10:00 in the park in front of the Romanian Athenaeum. This is actually a premiere: the traditional flower arrangement demonstration, previously held indoors and therefore available only to a limited public, it’s being moved outdoors, so that all flower and floral art lovers can enjoy it this year.

The guest master florist is this time young Dutch designer Dennis Kneepkens (, who will take us on a journey into the world of contemporary art. Being a floral art professor at the only 7-star hotel in the world, and winner of numerous florist competitions, Dennis has developed a passion for working in different corners of the world, always looking for new inspiration and creating a unique style based on the interaction with the different cultures he comes across.

The arrangements he will create at the demonstration in Bucharest will mark the national day of the Netherlands, but also the 100th anniversary of the Great Union celebrated by Romania this year.

On a live musical background offered by violinist Cristian Balaş (member of the National Opera Orchestra, founder and concert master of the Camerata Elite Orchestra), the spectators of the demonstration will witness a true celebration of creativity and fine taste. The event is opened by H.E. Mrs. Stella Ronner-Grubačić, Ambassador of the Netherlands to Bucharest and enjoys the support of the Bucharest City Hall and the George Enescu Philharmonic.

The day will continue with a new edition of the National Flower Arrangement Contest. In the Romanian world of flowers, this is a much awaited event, for which registration is always closed in just a few days after launch. Starting with 13:00 hrs, over 50 participants will compete at the Athenee Palace Hilton, by showing their skills and passion for floral design in a unique contest. Without a doubt, the contest has marked the development of the Romanian floral art sector in the last decade. Its theme is kept a secret until the very beginning of the contest. But every time it brings new challenges, to which participants have to respond creatively using all the same set of flowers and accessories.

And it seems that talent is abundant in Romania. Competitors come from every corner of the country: from Bucharest to Iasi, from Constanta to Oradea – and many other places in between…

They will all have to meet the expectations of a select jury, consisting of Dana Constantinescu – journalist, host of the show “In Dana’s garden”, TVR 1; Călin Ile – President of the Federation of Romania’s Hotel Industry (FIHR); prof. Adrian George Peticilă – Faculty of Horticulture at USAMV Bucharest, Scientific Secretary of the Agricultural and Forestry Sciences Section of the Romanian Academy; Adela Pârvu – interior designer and blogger; and Laurenţiu Mâţă – founder of Top Hospitality Romania. The jury is obviously chaired by florist designer Dennis Kneepkens.

The grand prize consists of a trip to the Netherlands for the winner and his/her partner. Also, a “people’s choice” award will be granted based on the vote of the guests attending Dutch National Day reception.

All in all, the experience of the previous editions shows that when Romanian talent meets the beauty of Dutch flowers, the result can spectacular!

Events organized by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Romania, with the support of Business Development Group, and its valued partners: KLM Romania, Mega Image – Ahold Delhaize, Aurora Flowers, Arian Glass Deco and Holland Farming Agro.

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