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August 7, 2022

Carrefour launches 4th Quality Supply Chain for Veal. A partnership for the promotion of Romanian products and local producers

Carrefour Romania has launched the Quality Supply Chain for Veal, thus continuing its mission and commitment to offer its clients quality Romanian products, fresh and tasty, with authentic taste, at a competitive price, by developing sustainable partnerships with small local farmers. The Quality Supply Chain for Veal comes on top of the other 3 quality supply chains that Carrefour has launched in Romania starting in 2008, namely the ones for pork, carrots, and potatoes, ensuring quality control for the products offered by continuously monitoring and verifying the quality standards that a team of experts has jointly established with the partners. The products are available in all Carrefour hypermarkets in Bucharest but can also be ordered on the BRINGO platform.

The products sold under the Quality Supply Chain for Veal label come from two meat farms located in Arges and Brasov counties, specialising in free-range Charolaise livestock that live healthily on mountain pastures, feeding with 100 percent fresh grass, hay, and cereals, thus producing tasty meat.

The meat is cut and packaged in a special abattoir located in Ramnicu Valcea, and the products thus obtained are delivered to Carrefour hypermarkets in Bucharest, where they can be found in their butcher’s shop/self-service areas. Likewise, clients will be able to find Quality Supply Chain for Veal products on the BRINGO platform, starting this month.

“Carrefour promotes Romanian products and local producers, the substantial share that local products have in our stores being proof of this. For instance, on the meat segment we find 100 percent Romanian poultry, 90 percent Romanian beef, and approximately 60 percent Romanian pork. By launching the 4th Quality Supply Chain for veal, Carrefour continues its commitment to offer its clients fresh and tasty Romanian products, whose quality is guaranteed by the careful monitoring and continuous verification of standards agreed with partners,” Carrefour Director for Sustainable Development and Institutional Relations Florin Capatana said.

The Carrefour Quality Supply Chain brings benefits not just to clients but also to small local farmers, offering them a series of advantages: elimination of distribution problems, clear anticipation of sales, safety of negotiated prices, stability of partnership, and logistic support.

“The biggest joy for any Romanian farmer is for his products to be savoured by as many consumers as possible, and the partnership with the Carrefour Quality Supply Chain is the best method through which the result of my work would end up on the Romanians’ tables. Having this support, I can now focus on what I know doing best: raising livestock and offering a healthy, delicious and good-quality product,” farmer Ionut Piauru, Ferma Agricola Valsanesti, Arges County, said.

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