Eight Romanian military wounded in Afghanistan in trap-vehicle explosion

Eight military with the 30th Battalion “Carpathian Vultures” Force Protection with Campulung Muscel were wounded on Monday morning in Afghanistan, during a mission in their responsibility area, as they were the target of a trap-vehicle (VBIED), the National Defence Ministry (MApN) informs in a release.

“Eight military with the 30th Battalion “Carpathian Vultures” Force Protection with Campulung Muscel were wounded on Monday 30 April in Afghanistan at around 9:00 am, Romanian local time, during a mission in the responsibility area, as they were target of a trap-vehicle (VBIED – Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device). The military were granted the first aid on the spot, after which they were sent to the military hospital in Kandahar, where they are in stable condition. Their names are to be made public after their families will be informed,” the MApN says in the release.

According to the source, the military of Campulung Muscel are performing a mission in Afghanistan in February – August. It is about specific missions of ensuring the protection of the force with the Kandahar military air base and training, counseling and assistance missions of the Afghan National Forces.

* The military unit of Campulung Muscel has already executed missions in Kosovo (in 2005 and 2007) and Afghanistan (in 2008).

In 2018, Romania’s Army participates in the Resolute Support NATO mission in Afghanistan with 625 military, other rd 300 being deployed in operations under NATO, EU, UN and OSCE command/mandate in other regions.

During the external missions, 29 Romanian military lost their lives, other over 185 were injured, the release adds.

“The security situation in the OTs (operation theatres, ed. n.) in Afghanistan is unstable, most of the incidents being recorded in the eastern and southern provinces of Afghanistan. The NATO forces that are ensuring the military bases’ and the country’s important spots’ security remain permanent targets of some possible attacks of the insurgents. Romania continues to keep its commitments in the OTs in Afghanistan, its main effort staying focused on ensuring protection of the force in the Kandahar Military Base, concomitantly with the participating in the training, counseling and assistance of the Afghan security forces with the North and South regional commands,” the MApN release concludes.

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