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April 20, 2021

Legal parliamentary committees’ members request 15 years of experience for head of Competition Council

The Chairman of the Competition Council will have to have had at least 15 years of experience in management or leadership positions, with a wide array of responsibilities, said Thursday, the deputies of the Legal committee and the Industry Committee, in a joint session.

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) amendment to the bill concerning the organizing and functioning of the Competition Council, voted Thursday by the deputies, will come into effect after the law has been published in the Monitorul Oficial (the Official Journal), the Senate being the decision-making chamber in this respect. If the amendment comes into effect, the current chairman of the Competition Council, Bogdan Chiritoiu, could be changed.

National Liberal Party (PNL) deputy Gabriel Andronache explained at the end of the sitting that this is actually about two bills and criticised the adopted amendments, which, in his opinion, will lead, after being published in Monitorul Oficial, to “naming the head of the Competition Council a puppet, who will be under PSD’s command.”

“In the legal Committee there were again talks about amending the Competition Law, in the sense that PSD wishes by any means to get their hands on the Competition Council, in order to place a lackey at the head of this fundamental institution, institution that guarantees a free market in Romania. (…) Moreover, a series of regulations were introduced that make the Competition Council, in its whole, a decorative structure, and the future chairman of the Competition Council will be a “ruthless one”, in the sense that he will have discretionary powers, powers that are currently in the hands of the plenary Council,” Andronache detailed.

He pointed out that the future chairman of the Competition Council will not be established as before, the president of Romania being excluded from this procedure, and Parliament will be the one that decides : “The nomination will be made directly by Parliament, without going through the filter of an exam, an interview, as the law in force stipulates. Then, the enforcement or identification of a legal solution that is interesting and innovative, in the sense that it is being established, during the term of the current chairman of the Competition Council, the fact that an experience of 15 years in the field is required, a criterion especially introduced so that he can no longer occupy that position. Moreover, this legislation will come into effect after being published in Monitorul Oficial. Obviously, the current chairman of the Competition Council will no longer hold this position until the end of the mandate, which will be in a year and a few months, but he will be removed from office through the effect of the.”

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