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May 8, 2021

New edition of EXPO Romania-Italy to be organised in Rome

The Ministry for Business Environment, Commerce and Entrepreneurship has announced that, at the end of this week, a new ‘EXPO Romania-Italy’ event will be organised in Rome, this year’s edition being dedicated to the Centennial of the Great Union.

The 8th edition of EXPO Romania-Italy, which will take place on May 4-6, 2018, will be a special edition organised under the ‘Romania 100’ aegis.

Thus, during the three-day event, the Romanian community in Italy will have the opportunity to take part in an economic forum whose main goal is to restore confidence in the Romanian economy among Romanian and Italian investors, but also in many other events. At the same time, a job fair will also be organised, where Romanians willing to return to their country of birth will be able to file their resumes and even to take part in job interviews. While the first edition of the event saw the birth of the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Italy (CCIRO), whose patrimony includes the exhibition, starting this year, EXPO Romania-Italy will open its gates independently from the CCIRO, becoming a distinct entity.

Thus, the announcement was made that this action will be an event of major interest for the Romanian community in Italy, the main beneficiaries of this event being the members of the Romanian community in the Lazio region, Romanian immigrants in Italy and Europe, mixed Italian-Romanian families, as well as Romanian and Italian public institutions whose representatives will have the chance to lay the basis of even closer cooperation. EXPO Romania-Italy will take place at Club Atlantico, in Rome, where 100 stalls will be set up. The fair will consist of several events, such as: an economic forum, an event titled ‘Pact with Diaspora,’ a job fair, but also seminaries, presentations, meetings between the representatives of Romanian and Italian central and local public administration, shows given by numerous Romanian artists, and a marathon of Romanian films. In what concerns the economic forum, its main purpose is to restore confidence in the Romanian economy among Romanian and Italian investors.

Likewise, on this occasion, the Romanians who own businesses in Italy will be informed about the tax facilities offered to the Romanian business environment, about development opportunities on the Romanian market, about the accessing of various sources of financing etc. According to the organisers of the event, one of the main objectives of the forum titled ‘We restore the Romanian diaspora’s confidence in the Romanian economy,’ will be to draft a memorandum which seeks to considerably change the relations between Romanians living abroad and the Romanian state, against the backdrop in which, among other things, this memorandum proposes the earmarking of 1 percent of Romania’s GDP for putting to good use the potential of the Diaspora.

On the other hand, another objective of EXPO Romania-Italy is also the promotion of community partnership through the twinning of Romanian and Italian localities. Likewise, to motivate Romanians to return home in favourable conditions, the event in Rome will also feature a job fair whose motto will be: “Romania calls us home.” The goal of the job fair is to give access to information on job offers in Romania to the Romanians who want to return to their home country for good, but also to information on salary levels. In this context, the job fair will allow Romanians who want to go back home to file their resumes, while those interested in certain jobs will even have the opportunity to reach deals with employers, namely to sign labour pre-contracts.

Also mentioned was the fact that maintaining the tradition of organising EXPO Romania-Italy is due, first of all, to the existence of a large Romanian community in Italy. Thus, according to Italian Statistics Institute data, early last year there were 1,168,552 Romanian residents on Italian soil, and over 100 Romanian associations. On the other hand, from a political and economic standpoint, relations between Romania and Italy have become, at least in the last two decades, increasingly close, the two states concluding a Consolidated Strategic Partnership in 2008. Last but not least, according to Romanian Foreign Ministry data, Italy is second among Romania’s trading partners, sixth in the rankings of foreign investors based on the capital invested, and first in the rankings of foreign investors based on the number of active companies on the Romanian market.

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