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February 4, 2023

PSD’s Dragnea: I see no serious reason why the President would ask for PM’s resignation

Speaker of the Deputies Chamber Liviu Dragnea on Thursday stated he saw no serious reason why the head of the state Klaus Iohannis would ask for the resignation of Prime Minister Viorica Dancila.

“I, for one, haven’t seen and can’t see any serious reason why the President would ask for the resignation of Mrs. Prime Minister. Mrs. Prime Minister herself already announced she had no intention to resign for, on the one hand, there is no such conflict going on between the Government and the National Bank of Romania (BNR) and, on the other hand, I think that the fact she goes on a visit abroad is a good thing, not a bad thing. What I mean is that we cannot think that in Romania we can have another regime like the one we had before the Revolution of 1989, when people weren’t allowed to leave the country, unless they had an approval from the Presidency or another institution,” Dragnea stated at the House of Parliament.

The Speaker of the Deputies Chamber also mentioned that, in what Romania’s foreign affairs are concerned, it must happen what President Iohannis and PM Dancila established before, on the occasion of a meeting that they had and that he also attended.

“At that meeting, they both agreed, in my presence, that in what the foreign affairs are concerned, they will cooperate tightly and keep informing each other in real time about everything that is going on, which the presidency did not, although the President had meetings in Brussels and Mrs. PM kept on waiting to be informed about them,” said Dragnea.

Asked about the Government’s memorandum concerning the debate on the movement of Romania’s Embassy to Israel, Dragnea said that he found out about it “from an old Website.” The Speaker of the Chamber showed that the Israeli PM can do nothing else but support this intention of Romania to move the embassy to Jerusalem, as a “legitimate desire.”

“This is what I consider a legitimate desire that the embassies move to Jerusalem, since all the meetings are already, actually, taking place there, all the official meetings I mean. Of course that he appreciates (i.e. the Israeli PM) very much the possibility and that he would want Romania to decide to do this at the end. But they cannot push the discussions any further than this. I am still saying that for Romania it would be a huge opportunity. Beyond the advantages that this move would give us in terms of logistics, space identification and maybe the payment of the related expenditures, this is also about strategic advantages that one can obtain from the US and the Israel during this time. We are speaking of very important geopolitical actors, some of the most important in the world,” concluded Dragnea.

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