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September 19, 2021

ALDE wants transparency in NGO funding: Do they protect Romania’s, or Soros’s interests?

Vice Chairman of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) Andrei Gerea wants transparency in the manner in which non-governmental organizations are funded, given that he claims that they were used in order to try to weaken and denigrate Romania in Europe.

“Romania’s country brand built by the force institutions in the recent years was corruption. European states boast about the positive issues that represent them, while Romania was the only one where a campaign was conducted in order to create an image of our country as being the most corrupt European country. This campaign denigrating Romania’s image was carried out by Romanian political representatives of the highest level, by representatives of the force institutions, as well as by certain associations, foundations, NGOs, which were advocating on paper for the rule of law. But, these persons and NGOs were hardy working to create parallel system of power in Romania, which today started to come to the surface” says the ALDE Vice Chair Andrei Gerea in a press release sent to MEDIAFAX.

He mentions that there are questions related to the real objectives pursued by “the so-called representatives of the civil society”, and he reminds of billionaire George Soros, who is supposed to be behind certain street movements from Bucharest, according to some voices.

“Whose interests are protected by these non-profit organizations? Are they Romania’s interests, or the interests of certain people like Soros? There are big questions on the attempt of certain people like George Soros in weakening Romania by supporting campaigns for manipulating public opinion and covering the abuses in justice. The article of the American think-tank “The Capital Research Group” provides new evidence on how people like George Soros were involved in supporting campaigns that brought serious disadvantages to Romania. The conclusion coming from the think-tank’s article is that those who were funded by George Soros through his various foundations are exactly those who are denigrating Romania at Brussels, and those who manipulate the public opinion in the country. These people built their reputation on the so-called fight for defending the rule of law, while the purpose of their action was exactly to weaken the rule of law and to strengthen the parallel state, the state of force institutions” Gerea also stated.

As a consequence of those mentioned by him, the ALDE Vice Chair requires the transparency of the NGO funding system.

“There is only one solution to remove these questionable funding actions, and this is the transparency of the funding received by those NGOs who assume a manipulative political speech. In the same way in which the parties must declare their funding sources, these NGOs who declare themselves fighters for the good of Romania and against corruption, should prove they are transparent” Andrei Gerea said.

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