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September 19, 2021

Dragnea announces that PM’s Audit Body has been dispatched at Romanian Post because of the problems registered in the distribution of pensions. “We do not want to privatise the Romanian Post”

Social Democratic Party (PSD)  President Liviu Dragnea announced on Monday that the Premier has decided to dispatch the Audit Body at the Romanian Post, because of the problems registered in the distribution of pensions.

“A topic discussed by us (during the PSD meeting – editor’s note) concerns the actual method of payment toward pensioners. [Pension payment problems] have appeared lately in certain counties, which is inadmissible, considering that the Government has transferred the money to the Romanian Post on time. Of course, the Prime Minister has asked the Communications Minister and the Romanian Post’s leadership for explanations and today we found out the situation. The Premier informed us that she has already ordered the Audit Body to carry out a careful and serious verification regarding this situation,” Dragnea announced following PSD’s National Standing Bureau (BPN) meeting.

The PSD leader pointed out that in 2016, following the approval of a memorandum, the Government in office at the time started a process to recapitalise the Romanian Post, but Fondul Proprietatea, which owns 20 percent of Romanian Post shares, opposed and continues to oppose that process, its condition for its involvement in this process being the privatisation of the Post – a condition that all Governments have disagreed with since.

“At one point it was said that this capital increase would represent state aid. The Romanian Post decided to undergo the investor’s test, it hired a very serious company that conducted this analysis, presented it to the Competition Council, which said that this is not state aid, so the transaction is all right. In these conditions, during the discussions that the Prime Minister had this morning with the relevant ministers and the leadership of the Romanian Post, they established a very strict timetable for the payment of pensions. At present the payment takes place from the 9th to the 28th day of the month, the 30th or 31st day being left for the pensioners whom postal workers did not find at home to go collect their money from the counter. It’s now been decided, so that there would no longer be any confusion, that pensions should be paid by the 15th day of the month. The money is wired to the Romanian Post on the 1st day of the month, after which these procedures start. Based on the calculations, all social arrears and pensions can be paid in 9 days,” Liviu Dragnea announced.



“We do not want to privatise the Romanian Post”


Social Democratic party leader after the meeting of PSD’s National Standing Bureau that the privatisation of the Romanian Post is out of question.

“This is a decision that no government until now agreed to and we also don’t agree to – that is to privatise the Romanian Post. (…) Even if somewhere, somebody intends to hinder Romanian Post’s getting back on track, so that it can be later privatised at a smaller price, we do not want to get the Romanian Post privatised. What we want, instead, is to have it re-capitalized on, to watch it become a successful company against, a symbol-company, and we want the state to maintain its majority share in it,” specified Liviu Dragnea.

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