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May 17, 2021

Party-switching in Dambovita: Six PNL mayors join PSD

Six Liberal mayors have joined the Social Democratic Party. The announcement was made by PSD Dambovita President Adrian Tutuianu. “Many of you have seen the news regarding the presence of 6 mayors (5 PNL, 1 UNPR) at the meeting of PSD Dambovita’s Executive County Committee. For me, strengthening the Social Democratic Party’s team is a priority. And this is done both with people reared within the party and also via openness to those outside, who can and want to help,” Tutuianu wrote on Facebook.

The leader of PSD Dambovita pointed out that “the said mayors have results and promising projects.”

“The PSD Government – because this too is very important – gave total support, without any discrimination, to all the projects of local communities. And this has proven to them too that we are a serious party and we respect our promises. Personally, in all meetings I’ve had, whether I went at the ministries, at the Environment Fund, at the CNI, at the ANL, everywhere I went I invited by my side all mayors with projects, irrespective of whether they are PSD or PNL members. We’re interested in the people!” he said.

The 6 mayors are: Costin Barbu – Crangurile, Valentin Mihalache – Darmanesti, Florin Iordache – Motaieni, Iulian Costache – Uliesti, Bogdan Tita – Ulmi (PNL), and UNPR’s Florin Petre – Crevedia.


Orban’s harsh attack on PSD: They bribed Liberal mayors, via Ordinance 55, with public funds from PNDL1 and from the Government’s reserve fund


PNL President Ludovic Orban’s reply was not late in coming. He accused PSD of bribing the Liberal mayors to defect.

“Via Ordinance 55, almost 500 National Liberal Party mayors, who were bribed with public funds from PNDL1 and from the Government’s reserve fund, joined the Social Democratic Party in order to obtain that financing. During the first round of the presidential elections, in these 500 localities, PSD won more than three hundred thousand votes, winning in the said localities. What did they do with them? Nothing! In the end they lost by almost ten percent, a difference of almost one million votes,” Orban said.

According to the PNL President, this is “the sick thought mechanism specific to a mentality of a communist type, through which PSD wants to remain in power.”

“They want to control everything, they want to threaten everyone, they want to scare everyone, they want to buy off everyone. They want to silence any Opposition voice, they want to control any media channel through which people can express themselves, through which the Opposition can express itself. What does it matter that they lied like insolents! They imagine that if they continue to finance the media with public money, a media that does not reflect anything from the brazen lies and the disasters they are doing, do they imagine that the regular person does not feel and does not realise? It’s a major hoodwink they pull off on one another. We, on the other hand, must remind the people that when they went out to vote, in 2016, the ruling party made them big promises, it promised there would be milk and honey,” Ludovic Orban stated in Tulcea.


Ludovic Orban wants law banning party-switching


National Liberal Party (PNL) President Ludovic Orban announced that the party is discussing whether it is necessary to amend the Constitution so that MPs could no longer engage in party-switching, or whether a bill banning party-switching would be sufficient.

Ludovic Orban claims that MPs must respect their voters, and PNL wants party-switching stopped at parliamentary level.

“In fact, thanks to PNL the party-switching of local representatives has been stopped; our objective is to stop party-switching at parliamentary level too. Representative democracy entails the existence of a contract of representation between the person elected and the persons who entrust them with their confidence, and they are under this contract during the entire duration of their mandate and must observe it. There’s a debate in the party whether amending the Constitution is necessary or whether a bill is sufficient,” Orban said.


PMP asks MEP Siegfried Muresan to resign after he allegedly decides to join PNL


The Popular Movement Party (PMP) announced on Friday that it is asking MEP Siegfried Muresan to resign from the party and from his position within the European Parliament, after he allegedly decided to join the PNL, where “he was guaranteed an eligible place on the lists for next year’s European Parliament elections,” reads a PMP press release.

“We are informed that the young MEP Siegfried Muresan has concluded the negotiations and has opted for the National Liberal Party, where he was guaranteed an eligible place on the lists for next year’s European Parliament elections,” the PMP’s press release reads.

Likewise, the PMP is asking the MEP to resign not only from the party but also from the European Parliament, “in order for the party to be able to nominate its next candidate from its 2014 elections list.”

“We hope Siegfried Muresan will not compromise himself by continuing to hold a seat won by the PMP through a party lists vote, adjudicating the label of party-switcher,” the aforementioned source points out.

Political sources have told News.ro that Siegfried Muresan has not officially joined the PNL yet but is apparently about to do so.

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