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June 27, 2022

Congratulatory message of Romania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The Polish-Romanian partnership has developed greatly and the prospects of our cooperation are certainly positive

It is with great pleasure that we convey our best wishes and cordial congratulations to all Polish people celebrating, at home and abroad, their National Day.

The Constitution of 3 May 1791 is one of the earliest political acts of its kind in modern times, an audacious expression of sovereignty and a unique blending of progressive social aspirations. In its ambition to bring more fairness and balance to the different groups in society, the Constitution of 1791 stands as an example of the perpetual duty of governing authority to endow people with democratic rights.

The powerful symbolism of sovereignty lying at the core of the Constitution Day is reinforced this year by the centennial anniversary of Poland’s regain of its Independence in 1918. The end of the Great War created far-reaching premises for the self-determination of Poles and Romanians alike. In this exceptional context, our nations are reminded of the tremendous weight of our shared past and, more importantly, of our responsibility to work towards a common future.

A century on, Romania and Poland stand together as strategic allies.

Bilateral relations have grown steadily and intensified after joining the European Union and NATO. Our governments are due to hold, in Warsaw, the first consultations in this format, to mark the expanding nature of the political dialogue. Visits at the highest level are also expected to take place in both capitals, in addition to the ministerial and parliamentary contacts that have already occurred or are planned to happen in the months ahead.

But perhaps the potential of our cooperation can best be seen in the rapidly evolving work we carry out internationally in multilateral fora. Our joint military commitments in the framework of NATO and our pledge to spend 2% of GDP on defence are the bedrock of our approach to the complex security challenges we face in our region. The B9 Format, the Three Seas Initiative and the Romania-Poland-Turkey trilateral at the level of minister of foreign affairs are all concrete examples of how our two countries contribute to promoting peace and prosperity in our neighbourhood.

Romania’s upcoming Presidency of the EU Council in the first half of 2019 will undoubtedly highlight the similar views of Romania and Poland regarding the making of the post-Brexit European Union. Our countries have advocated for safeguarding the four fundamental freedoms of the Single Market, maintaining the instrumental role of the cohesion policy in reducing the systemic imbalances within the EU, and for ensuring that a state of genuine equality exists between all Member States. We will continue to plead firmly for these principles, as they represent an essential part of the normative foundation of the EU.

The Polish-Romanian partnership has developed greatly and the prospects of our cooperation are certainly positive, but there is still much more we can achieve by combining forces.

Previous generations made possible for our countries to be reborn from the ashes of war. Our generation’s chief duty is to cherish that legacy and build further – together, ceaselessly, and in peace.

Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji święta narodowego!



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