Ex-Premier Sorin Grindeanu at DNA: I gave a statement, I told the truth. On relationship with Dragnea: Sinusoidal

On Tuesday, ex-Premier Sorin Grindeanu was at the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), stating he was subpoenaed as witness. When leaving the building, he said he gave a statement just like he did several months ago – back when he was heard as witness in the Belina Case –, that he told the truth, and that he mentioned the fishing trip he and Liviu Dragnea took part in at Belina Lake. In what concerns his current relationship with the PSD President, he labelled it as “sinusoidal.”

“There were no new things, there were procedural things. I can’t go into details. I believe the whole country saw that I was on that fishing trip just once. I’ve stated what I stated last time around too. That I went fishing and returned to Bucharest. I can’t offer details, it’s not procedurally correct. I told the truth, as it was. That I went fishing,” Grindeanu said when leaving the DNA, where he was heard as witness in the Belina Case. He referred to the fishing trip at Belina Lake, in which he accompanied Liviu Dragnea.

Asked what his relationship with Liviu Dragnea is at the moment, he said: “sinusoidal.”

Grindeanu was at the DNA on 13 September 2017 too, where he was heard for 3 hours as a witness, without revealing the case in which he was heard.

“As I told you, there are things I can state and others I cannot. I cannot and I don’t want to give details from this dossier. (…) I believe I was clear – my capacity is that of a witness, I cannot reveal details from the dossier. (…) I’ve told the truth and what I knew,” was the ex-Premier’s answer to the journalists’ insistent questions about the dossier in which he was heard.

Back then, he suggested that his hearing has nothing to do with the period in which he was Deputy Mayor and with the DNA dossier concerning buildings in Timisoara, a dossier in which Mayor Nicolae Robu and ex-mayor Gheorghe Ciuhandu are charged, reiterating that he is not involved in that case because he was deputy mayor and had no prerogatives in connection to the city’s assets.


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