PNL: Welcome, Siegfried Muresan! Muresan: I join PNL to win the EP elections and remove PSD from the government

National liberal Party (PNL) welcomes MEP Siegfried Muresan who left People’s Movement Party (PMP) to join the Liberals. The MEP says that he joins PNL to win the EP elections and remove PSD from the government.

In a Facebook message, PNL welcomes Muresan inside the party, and in his turn, he announced on the social network that he decided to join PNL.

“I decided to join the National Liberal Party (PNL). PNL is the main center-right party in Romania, the main opponent of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) and the main member party of the European People’s Party (EPP) in Romania. To remove PSD from the government, we need a stronger PNL. We will offer all the reasons to the citizens to vote PNL in the next elections. The objective is clear: to win the EP elections and remove PSD from the government. For the next elections, we will present the best electoral program, the best list of candidates and an agenda for the best representation of Romania in Europe” Siegfried Muresan wrote.

He claims that his work in the European parliament brings concrete benefits to the Romanians: “I am the first MEP elected as Chief Negotiator of the European Parliament for the European Union (EU) Budget of EUR 160 billion, and I made 8 reports as the rapporteur of the European Parliament and 29 reports as the rapporteur of the EPP Group since the beginning of my term until today. As the Chief Negotiator for the EU Budget, I succeeded to increase the structural and cohesion EU funds by almost 55%, from EUR 55 billion to EUR 46 billion, I obtained 15% more funds for the Erasmus scholarships, I launched the Interrail Program for granting free train tickets for the young people who turn 18 and wish to visit Europe. At the same time, I obtained a larger support for the young farmers and for the Republic of Moldova, more money for the programs creating jobs for the European citizens, for infrastructure, research, innovation and security investments. Since the beginning of my term, I brought EUR 3.57 million in Romania, to help the 1,000 workers who were fired from the Campia Turzii wire factory that was closed, and I negotiated a EUR 8.5 million support for Romania, from the European Solidarity Fund – a support that compensated the expenses of the Romania authorities as a result of the floods of 2014”.

The MEP mentions that he will continue to support: a smooth government, an efficient public administration, which focuses on the citizen, a strong and future-oriented economy, based on innovation, support for entrepreneurs, simple taxation which doesn’t burden the citizens and the private environment, an education to train the young people in the professions they need in order to be successful on the labor market, a Europe that provides people with safety and well-being.

“PSD takes us in the past in all these important fields for Romanians. Economy, justice, health, education, foreign policy, in all these fields, PSD showed they are incompetent. Every day in which PSD is governing, being led by the delinquent Liviu Dragnea, is a bad day for Romania. This is why the objective is to win the EP elections and remove PSD from the government. I will continue my activity in the European Parliament with the same conviction and determination, in order to obtain as much support as possible for the Romanian and European citizens, and I will fight, as until now, for the respect and protection of the rule of law, of the independent justice, institutions, and for a strong economy” Muresan also wrote.

People’s Movement Party (PMP) announced on Friday that it asks MEP Siegfried Muresan to resign from the party and from the European Parliament, after he decided to join PNL, which “guaranteed an eligible place for him on the lists for the next year’s EP elections”.

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