Klaus Iohannis fined by Antidiscrimination Council for use of term “lawbreakers”. President challenges the decision

On Wednesday, the Council for the Combating of Discrimination (CNCD) ruled a RON 2,000 fine against President Klaus Iohannis for using the term “lawbreakers” in his public statements.

In response, President Klaus Iohannis announced he will challenge the CNCD decision to fine him RON 2,000, believing that the measure is political.

“The Romanian President considers it a political decision and will challenge the CNCD decision at the competent court,” reads a Presidential Administration response remitted to MEDIAFAX.

According to CNCD’s official announcement: “Romanian President Klaus Iohannis’s use of the term “lawbreakers” represents discrimination and violates the right to dignity of persons who are engaged in judicial proceedings without yet being convicted, in line with Article 2, Section 1, and Article 15 of Government Ordinance no.137/2000, republished. A penalty fine of RON 2,000 has been issued.”

The decision was adopted in a 5:4 vote.

At the same time, the CNCD unanimously decided that “DNA Chief Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi’s use of the term “festival of defendants” does not exceed the limits of freedom of expression, in line with the ECHR jurisprudence in this field.”

The institution recommends both persons to avoid using terms liable to affect the right to dignity of criminally probed persons and of persons in whose case there has been no final and irrevocable sentence.

The notification was lodged with the CNCD by ‘Lumea Justitiei,’ in February, and concerned President Klaus Iohannis and Laura Codruta Kovesi’s use of the labels “lawbreakers” and “defendants” to refer to those who “attack the judiciary.”

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