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June 29, 2022

Manda: A former DNA prosecutor told us how SRI was suggesting that searches should be made. About a new hearing for Maior: The question is who will pay the traveling costs

The Chairman of the Parliament’s Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) Oversight Committee, Claudiu Manda, stated on Tuesday that a former prosecutor of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA)was heard by the SRI Oversight Committee and he told that he was suggested by the SRI officers from the joint team to perform searches in a certain case, at a County Council President who was a PSD member.

“Last week, a former DNA prosecutor was heard, he is no longer a DNA prosecutor, he is a prosecutor of another prosecution office. We discussed about a case on which the Committee was notified last autumn. It’s easy to understand why this hearing wasn’t presented in the public space, this was, somehow, also the desire of the prosecutor. We had a correspondence exchange with him, he submitted a letter to CSM, asking if he is allowed to come to the Committee, he said the CSM allows him, or that there is no problem to come to such a committee, therefore he come to the hearing. The case, which was documented, was related to the interaction between officers of the Romanian Intelligence Service on a corruption case. The notification at that time was claiming that the SRI officers asked the prosecutor to make searches in a case related to a County Council President who was a PSD member”, Claudiu Manda stated.

The Chairman of the SRI Oversight Committee also said that that prosecutor had talks with people in the leadership of the National Anticorruption Directorate, too.


“The prosecutor confirmed that there was this discussion in which the officers of the Romanian Intelligence Service that were part of the joint team in the case in question suggested him that he should make a search, or the search measure is necessary. The prosecutor said that he didn’t feel this like a pressure, but the discussion existed and it wasn’t opportune at that time. Based on the notifications they received from the Romanian Intelligence Service and on the interceptions they had, there weren’t enough deeds and evidence to allow them go further. He said that according to the previous criminal code, the search measure had to be subsequent to the moment when the person in question should have been criminally prosecuted. He said that he had this discussion twice, with people in the leadership of the National Anticorruption Directorate. I don’t know if this a coincidence or not, but at a certain moment, the case was transferred to another prosecutor, one of his colleagues, arguing that he is too busy. He saw in the public space what happened… that the search measure was executed” Claudiu Manda added.



About a new hearing for Maior: The question is who will pay the traveling costs


Claudiu Manda also stated on Tuesday that regarding a new hearing for George Maior in the SRI Oversight Committee, the problem is that somebody has to pay the traveling costs of the Romanian Ambassador in the USA; Manda mentioned that he contacted Teodor Melescanu in order to discuss this issue.

“Today, I talked with the Foreign Minister, Mr. Melescanu, and I asked him to support us. We also sent the official letter, and we wanted to find out which is happening to that official letter related to the invitation of Mr. Maior to the SRI Oversight Committee. He told us that the previous hearing overlapped with Mr. Maior’s holiday, and the second one, the one strictly related to the hearing, overlapped with Mr. Maior’s arrival in Romania for some issues related to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and now the question is who will pay Mr. Maior’s traveling costs. We will see if there is any provision regarding this issue in the Committee’s regulation. There was a provision in the inquiry committees’ regulations according to which, if somebody is invited to the committee and the costs must be paid, they will be paid. We will probably see and discuss this issue with MAE (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – e.n.) and the Secretariat General of the two Chambers, and we’ll see in which period or on which date Mr. Maior can come before the Committee” Claudiu Manda stated.

The former SRI Head and the current Ambassador in USA, George Maior, stated on Tuesday, February 27, after a six-hour hearing in the SRI Oversight Committee, that he answered to all the questions and some of them referred to the relation between SRI and judiciary.

George Maior’s name was repeatedly mentioned by those who were heard by the SRI Oversight Committee, related to the fact that he knew about the Service’s involvement in all the structures.

The avalanche of hearings started after former SRI Colonel Daniel Dragomir made revelations in front of the committee members, on how the Romanian Intelligence Service acted. He spoke about the “corridors” in the press and judiciary, i.e. practices by which SRI allegedly influenced the criminal cases, while it benefited from a certain support in the media.

At that time, Dragomir also presented a list of 65 names, including 11 journalists, 15 politicians, and 12 people from judiciary, who could confirm his statements.


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