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January 19, 2021

Ciprian Moldoveanu, General Manager of Nordic Food Romania: “2017 was a year of changes. 2018 is a year of stability and growth”

Nordic Food, part of Nordic Group, was established in 1994 with 100% Romanian capital. After 25 years since it was founded, Nordic Food, one of the largest companies in the premium food distribution field, in both retail and HoReCa, has 244 employees. The company’s portfolio includes more than 2,500 premium international products distributed at national level in more than 15,000 selling points through 1,300 direct customers and 25 sub-distributors.

For the company, 2017 was a year of changes. Valentin Moldoveanu, one of the three founding members of the company, handed the management to his son Ciprian Moldoveanu. The young manager, who is an active part of the company for 16 years, came with a new strategic vision, passing the company also through an extensive rebranding process.

The most important element of the rebranding process was the change of the visual identity, implemented at the whole group level. It involved new websites, a new headquarters in the Bucharest northern area, new equipment, cars, badges, business cards, etc. Through all these changes with a strong impact on the organizational culture, we wish to be as near as possible to the Romanian customers’ needs, providing them with the premium products they want” Ciprian Moldoveanu explained.

While 2017 was a year of organizational changes, in which the turnover amounted to RON 241 million, 5% higher than in 2016, 2018 is meant to be a year of stability and growth. The company’s representatives said they planned to achieve a 15% increase in turnover, compared to the previous year. Recently, Nordic Food acquired Dupont, one of its main competitors in terms of French pastry-confectionery product distribution in the HoReCa field, thus enlarging its product range. This is the first acquisition if its kind in the company’s history, as the General Manager of the company stated at a press conference. He also said that the company is financially supported from its own resources, without using bank loans.

The plans related to the development of Nordic Food don’t stop here. Also for the current year, Nordic Food plans to invest in professional training for its employees. The company will also create a new customer service. With an investment of EUR 150,000, the new Warehouse Management System app, which uses the Crosspoint integrated system, will be implemented over a 3-month period and will help to automatically and completely managing all the reception, storage and delivery activities, including the management of expiry dates and product quality.

Some of the brands traded by Nordic Food are HuLaLa, Rio Mare, Costa d’Oro, Cirio, Heinz, Dole and Alvorada.

Along with Nordic Food, the Nordic Group includes: Nordic Logistic, a logistics company, Nordic PetFood Production, a pet food producer, and Nordic PetFood Distribution, a pet food and pet care product distribution company. Last year, the whole group recorded a turnover of RON 342 million, 10% higher than in 2016. According to the company’s representatives, the food part has a 70% weight of the Group’s sales, 20% represents the logistics part, and 10% represents the pet food part.

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