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October 4, 2022

Gov’t adopts bill on Romania’s long-term Development Strategy

The Government adopted in the sitting on Thursday a bill on Romania’s long-term Development Strategy until 2040, Spokesman of the Gov’t Nelu Barbu announced.

“An update of the 2020 Strategy (…) for the next 20 years, therefore by 2040. This bill (…) is to be sent to Parliament in order to be improved and, if appropriate, subsequently adopted,” Nelu Barbu stated at the Victoria Palace.

He mentioned that this project includes the objectives proposed to be achieved on a long term, the direction lines regarding the economic/social development and the strategies/public policies which should be implemented.

“The strategy will be drafted through a national consensus, it will include scenarios and alternative public policies in order to achieve the assumed goals and, obviously, in agreement with all the development strategies and directions on medium and long term took on at the European Union level,” Nelu Barbu stated.

He showed that the bill stipulates the setting up of the 2040 Romania Committee, a consultative body without legal personality and whose purpose is to “prepare the strategy project, its substantiation, develop scenarios of development and harmonization, integrate the contributions of public institutions, political parties and non-governmental organizations.”

“The drafting of the Development Strategy is to be made by setting up three scenarios – optimistic, moderate and pessimistic – differentiated in relation to the premises, objectives and guidelines set by this Committee,” Nelu Barbu stated.

The normative act also stipulates the organisation, by the committee, of public debates, as national forums, with an open participation, to present the stage results.


Gov’t adopts memorandum on approval of content of the Convergence Programme 2018-2021


The Government on Thursday also adopted a memorandum regarding the approval of the content of the Convergence Programme 2018-2021, spokesman for the Executive, Nelu Barbu, made the announcement.

“The Convergence Programme 2018-2021 (…) continues our commitment to enter the Eurozone, as well as our policy of directly supporting the economic growth, while, of course, staying in between the margin allowed by the Stability and Growth Pact, which is a budgetary deficit of 3% of the GDP,” stated Nelu Barbu, at the Victoria Palace.

He also specified that the establishment of such concrete data regarding the accession to the Eurozone implies the achievement of deep analyses, especially with respect to the real, structural and institutional convergence, with sustainability in meeting the nominal convergence criteria to also be consdiered.

According to the spokesman for the Government, the document estimates that, in the medium term, Romania’s economy will continue to do well.

He specified that the Convergence Programme 2018-2021 will be made public by the Ministry of Public Finances.


Executive passes emergency ordinance regulating public-private partnerships


On Thursday, the Government passed an emergency ordinance regulating the conclusion and implementation of public-private partnerships.

“The public-private partnership emergency ordinance was adopted today at the Government meeting (…) The text of the law on public-private partnership contained certain overlapping, errors of definition, some unclear provisions, which made this emergency ordinance needed (…) First of all, we are talking about a necessary clarification that frees up investment in important infrastructure and local development projects. Under this piece of legislation, the public-private partnership aims to achieve or rehabilitate and/or extend an asset or property belonging to the public partner, as the case may be. The ordinance regulates the possibility of public-private partnership projects that involve exclusively the operation of a public service,” governmental spokesman Nelu Barbu told journalists at the Government House.

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