Healthcare trade unionists backtrack on general strike, pay law to be amended

The representatives of trade union organisations have agreed to backtrack on the general strike, scheduled for 11 May, 2018, following an agreement concluded with the Gov’t, a SANITAS press release informs.

The agreement provides for the health care employees to benefit from the following: all those who received lower net wages as compared to the February 2018 level will be granted compensatory amounts, which will fully cover the difference, the current limits provided for in the Regulation of bonuses in force will be kept and the minimum threshold will be guaranteed, exceeding the 30 percent laid down in Article 25, paragraph 1 and 2 with Law 153/2017 will be rendered possible for mono-speciality hospitals, for the county ambulance services and the Ambulance Service of Bucharest-Ilfov Municipality, in view of ensuring the minimum level of bonuses provided for in the current Bonuses Regulation and that the necessary supplementary amounts be established, through government ordinance, only in well grounded cases.

“All the above-mentioned provisions will apply on the wage rights to be granted as of May 2018. Following this Agreement, the representatives of the trade unions have agreed to backtrack on the general strike scheduled for 11 May, 2108,” the unionists specify.

Health Minister Sorina Pintea stated on Tuesday at the gov’t that upon talks with hospital managers and trade union leaders the conclusion was reached that the pay law and the Regulation for bonuses have sometimes been applied subjectively by the hospitals under various main authorizing officers.

Last but not least, all employees in the healthcare system who recorded decreases in income as compared to February will receive compensatory amounts, and a filter will be introduced in the law so that bonuses based on subjective criteria can no longer be granted, Labour Minister Lia Olguta Vasilescu stated on Tuesday at Victoria Palace.

“I believe that an important amendment, if not the most important, is the provision of compensatory amounts being granted for all the employees in the healthcare system who recorded decreases in income as compared to February 2018. The compensatory amount is due to cover integrally this difference, so we cannot talk at present about any reduction of incomes in the health system. As a matter of fact, we have decided today to introduce a filer in the law so that it will not be at the hospital mangers and local authorities’ will to allocate bonuses on subjective criteria, in some cases seriously breaching both the law and the gov’t decision on the bonuses regulation. It was not in the law-maker’s intent for incomes to decrease in the healthcare system and we make sure that through these amendments that we bring, this is no longer possible,” Labour Minister said.

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