Rovana Plumb on MEP Siegfried Muresan: Traian Basescu’s trojan horse in PNL

Rovana Plumb, European Grants Minister and president of the Social Democratic Party’s (PSD) women’s chapter, has criticised the statements that MEP Siegfried Muresan made the moment he left the Popular Movement Party (PMP) and joined the National Liberal Party (PNL), namely that his main goal is removing PSD from the Government.

“I was surprised by the suburban, completely inadequate language – with the varnish of a classy European – that this gentleman has used. It’s a discrepancy that sticks out, between the rude language and the pompous resume that Mr Muresan parades. I can’t tell whether he is truly this way or whether he has already been contaminated by the PNL leaders who have recently stood out through this aggressive, rude and offensive language,” Rovana Plumb stated.

At the same time, the Social Democrat claimed that the new “facelift” which PNL intends to don in the European Parliament elections is nothing but Traian Basescu’s trojan horse:

“I have seen how Mr Siegfried Muresan’s switch from PMP to PNL has been presented with much ado. Basically, an act of treason has been presented as a great political success, and a dime-a-dozen party switcher is being presented as the new star of Romanian politics. This is a facelift that PNL wants to don in the next Euro-Parliament elections. However, it might have a big surprise. Based on the rumours, Mr Muresan is allegedly nothing but Traian Basescu’s trojan horse – the simplest way through which PMP can still win another seat in the European Parliament, on PNL’s lists,” Rovana Plumb states in a communique remitted to MEDIAFAX.

MEP Siegfried Muresan, former candidate in the European Parliament elections on PMP’s lists, who joined PNL on Monday, rejected the party switcher label on Monday, pointing out that party switchers are “those who are left-wing in the morning, right-wing in the evening, popular in the morning, socialists in the evening.”

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