USR MP Ion considers debate on Criminal Codes is “purely for the sake of appearances”

Save Romania Union (USR) MP Stelian Ion, deputy chair of the Special Parliamentary Committee for the Laws of Justice, considers that the debate on the Criminal Codes is “purely for the sake of appearances” and in his view the Social democratic Party (PSD) and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) are trying to amend these normative acts in favor of criminals.

“A rather long session where there were debates and nothing was voted. My impression is that we have a debate for the sake of appearances. For me this is the conclusion. In February 2017, they tried with Ordinance 13. Now the amendments, the proposals’ magnitude is a hundred times bigger, because we are dealing with changes to all the chapters of the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code (…) They are trying step by step to modify criminal codes in favor of criminals and this is done by giving the impression of a debate, which is in fact purely for appearances’ sake,” Stelian Ion said on Tuesday at the end of the committee’s meeting.

He explained that lawmakers have submitted on behalf of the Superior Council of Magistrates (CSM) and professional associations many amendments, “hundreds and hundreds of pages”, which could not be studied due to lack of time.

According to him, “the current power wants to shorten the term of criminal prescription so that offenders get away faster from criminal liability.”

As a reaction to the USR MP’s opinion, the chair of the Special Committee for the Justice laws, Florin Iordache, said on Tuesday that the amendments made by MPs to the Criminal Codes must be discussed, but that does not mean that if they have come up with some proposals that “defy reality” these “will also be backed.”

“There are some amendments, we cannot prevent any colleague, regardless of the party he/she is part of, from making amendments, but from its submission to it being supported, there is a long way to go,” Iordache said after the meeting on the amendments to the Criminal Code.

Asked whether a series of amendments made by Eugen Nicolicea and Catalin Radulescu, referring mainly to the activity of the prosecutors, could be a means of pressure on the magistrates, Iordache answered negatively.

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